Family Vacations in the Sweet Land of Liberty


The United States is easily one of the most culturally rich and geographically varied places on planet Earth. Many naysayers would deny such a claim, but it’s the simple truth! And this is why it’s such a great place for vacations. But it’s not just a place to visit when you’re a soul-searching teen; it’s also an incredible place for families to visit. Here are some amazing family vacation destination ideas in the sweet land of liberty.



Perhaps you want a sun-soaked, luxurious beach vacation with the family, but you don’t want to head to the likes of the Maldives or Spain. You want to head somewhere where you’re a little more familiar with the language and the culture, somewhere with an inexhaustible amount of things to do with the kids. Well, where better than Florida? Miami and the Keys are unforgettable locations, but most people will think immediately of Orlando. After all, that’s where Disney World is. What better family vacation destination is there than Disney World?



Yes, there is another Disney park in California, so there’s always that to consider if you’re looking for a family vacation much farther west than Florida. But it’s hardly the only family-friendly thing to do in California! This is the home of Los Angeles and Hollywood, where you and the kids can see some truly stunning movie-related events and tourist attractions. You may even run into a few celebrities.



Colorado probably makes you think of South Park. Don’t let that show fool you, though; this is a  perfect place for a family vacation! The land is incredibly varied, allowing for several kinds of adventurous, from mountain hikes in the sun to skiing in the snow. Colorado is easily one of the best places in the world if you want to take the family skiing. There are also loads of adventure parks and animal sanctuaries, especially in the Denver area.


Pennsylvania isn’t often listed as a famous vacation destination of the United States, perhaps because so much of it is rural. But you shouldn’t underestimate Pennsylvania as a family vacation destination – perhaps precisely because it’s a less conventional location! Places like Lancaster County offer loads of things to do for kids, and the affordability of amazing cities all across the state makes it very attractive for families on a budget. There are loads of great mountain resorts and other luxurious accommodation options that are much cheaper than similar options in other places.



Thinking of the words “vacation” and “Arizona” in the same sentence? Then you’re probably already thinking of the Grand Canyon. There are few natural sights in the United States that will help awaken your kids to just how brilliant the outside world can be, which will hopefully distract them from all the new technology they probably distract themselves with every day! Family hikes around the Grand Canyon can be incredibly fun and safe. There are also loads of incredibly cool desert tours and museums all around the state which your kids will love.

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