How To Exercise Without Leaving Your Home

We all know that we should go to the gym or that we should go out for a run but that is not always possible. If you have caring commitments within the home, it can be almost impossible to fit a visit to the gym into your busy lifestyle. If you have young kids, you will need to wait until your partner gets home or you will have to organize child care. This does not always go according to plan and it can leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. Giving up on an exercise regime is very easy under these circumstances. Looking after your health when you are a Mom can be hard but it is not impossible.

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One solution is to devise an exercise regime that you can carry out in the home. This means that you will have no disruptions to your plans. If you have kids, you can either settle them down to watch a movie whilst you exercise or you can let them join in. Kids love to get active and they can be great motivators.

Here are some ideas on how you can exercise without leaving the house.

Invest in an exercise bike

An exercise bike may be a better investment for you than a road bike. You can hop on it whenever you have a spare few moments and you will still be at home to keep an eye on everything. Cycling is a fantastic way to tone up your thighs and your glutes. It only takes a few minutes a day to make a real difference. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down after an intense exercise boost.

Read reviews carefully so that you can choose the best stationary bike for your needs. You need to check out how easy the bike is to assemble, how heavy it is, how much room it takes up and what additional features it is provided with.

Set up your own home gym

You do not need expensive gym membership to pump some iron. You can use a space in your own home to set up a home gym. Choose an area that will be safe. You do not want young children to have access to the equipment unsupervised as this would not be safe. An area that is well lit and well ventilated is best.

All you need for a simple home gym is an exercise mat and some dumbbells. This is enough to enable you to do some sit-ups, squats and lunges in comfort. You only need a small selection of dumbbells in graded weights. This allows you to gradually increase the weights that you are lifting as the weeks progress.

You can download one of the many exercise apps onto your smartphone and play a selection of your own music so that you feel in the zone.

Exercising at home is a very cheap and convenient way to keep fit when you are not able to leave the house. The best bit is that you have your own shower to use afterwards!

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