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An emergency can be one of many different things. It might be a pipe bursting in your home, your wallet getting stolen, or a fire. You can’t normally predict when these things are going to happen, but you can organize yourself so that you’re more prepared when they do. You might not have a physical book of contacts anymore, but you can still keep some valuable contacts on your phone or computer. Being able to get in touch with the right people when there’s an emergency, without having to go looking for the correct phone number, makes dealing with it just a little easier. These are some of the contacts you should have.

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A Plumber and an Electrician

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong in your home. Sometimes you can spot the warning signs easily and correct issues before they develop into bigger problems. However, there are occasional emergencies that you can’t avoid. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to waste time looking for a contractor you can trust. Look at websites for local services like to find a plumber and an electrician who can help you when you need them. You might also want to look for a locksmith and perhaps things like roof repair services.

Your Insurance Providers

If something goes wrong, from damage to your home to a car accident, you have different types of insurance to help you out. Being able to get in touch with the right person as soon as possible will help you out whenever there’s an emergency. So it’s a good idea to organize all the phone numbers, email addresses and online forms you can use for making a claim to your different insurance providers. You might need them most when it’s difficult for you to stay calm and find the contacts you need.

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Emergency Numbers

You can also benefit from having some important emergency numbers in your contact book. It might be easy to remember 911, but there are some other numbers you can find useful. Having the correct number for poison control or to report a gas leak in your home could prevent a disaster. You might also find it useful to have the direct phone number for your local police and fire stations for situations when you don’t require emergency services. You might want to report an issue or even ask a question that requires speaking to someone local. You can find some useful numbers at

Banking and Credit Numbers

Being able to quickly get hold of your bank or creditors is also important. If you lose your cards or they are stolen, you could soon find that someone else is spending your money. So it’s important to report that your cards are stolen or missing as soon as possible and have them cancelled. As well as having a local number, it’s useful to have one you can use abroad if you often travel.

Organizing your useful contacts can reduce stress and panic when a situation arises. Use a useful app on your phone and other devices to sync the information you need across all of them.

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