Double Birthday 2014

I have the most fantastic little girl. She is thoughtful and kind and has a very, very generous heart. Every year she goes through her toys and donates what she does not play with, because it saddens her some kids do not have as many toys as she does. Mind you she has far to many. Also Every Christmas we give to toys for tots on base, as we are a Military family. We think its nice to see the men in their dress blues watching and taking the toys.

These are just a few things my daughter does out of the kindness of her heart. Did I also mention she has been doing this since she was 3? My little girl will be turning 7 day after tomorrow, and it brings me joy and sadness. My little baby is no longer a baby, and honestly has not been for a long time. As a mother, she will always be my baby. The fun part about it is not just celebrating the day my amazing daughter was born, but also my husband.

He turned 21 the day our daughter was brought into the world, and enjoyed his first legal beer while I was in labor. We were just kids then, and have grown so much with the birth of our daughter and the years that have passed enjoying it as a family. A new adventure will be arriving in late May and we are all excited as a family. My daughter about cried when we told her the news, she has waited a long time for this.

So I will be celebrating with my family that is growing one year older, and I could not be prouder of either of them.



Proud mother to two daughters. She also is the proud mother of 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a chinchilla. She spends her time with her family and when she has some downtime, she is usually playing video games or taking on a home improvement project.

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