What They Don’t Tell You About The Terrible Twos

Having your little bundle of joy was the most life affirming and enhancing experience. Your little one is a pleasure. He or she sleeps through the night, isn’t a fussy eater at all, plays well with fellow toddlers and appears constantly happy, smiling at you all the time and loving your cuddles and kisses. You can’t bear to be apart from your little darling and relish the quality time you spend together as a little family unit.

The other day someone asked how old your toddler was. You replied that he or she was nearly two only to be greeted with a sharp intake of breath. You’ve gotten the same reaction in the last few days, and you’re starting to get a little nervous. Surely, the two’s can’t be that terrible, can they? Take a look at this guide to surviving the trials and tribulations that having a two-year-old can throw up.

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You may only notice it as it creeps up slowly but your child will become more defiant. You may ask them to move away from the TV as they are sitting too close to find an unruly ‘no’ is the response complete with a frown. This cute hostility begins around the age of two as their social development cracks up a pace. They may become a little bossier demanding certain food for dinner or an urgent desire to head to the park even though it less than zero outside and lashing it down with rain. You need to remain strong and not give in to any impending strop.

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Your toddler will all of a sudden lose their inhibitions and become more of the adventurer. They will be exploring their environment and let go of your hand without thinking to survey any new land that they find themselves in. While cute, this newfound fearless streak can quickly become dangerous, and you could find yourself in the ER after your little one has fallen from a step or banged their head on a climbing frame.

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Remember to keep an eye on your newly adventurous human being at all times.

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As they increase in confidence and speak with a greater range of vocabulary, you will take pride in seeing the personality of your little cherub blossom. He or she may develop a cheeky streak, enjoy silly jokes or discover a love of the outdoors or art. Witnessing the emergence of his or her personality will fill you with joy, and you’ll ache to see them develop even further. They will become more emotional, more sensitive to those around them and go from insular looking human beings to understanding the needs and wants of those around them.

While the twos can be a challenging time in a child’s development, with preparation and sensible parenting, you should be able to banish the ‘terrible’ notion from this incredible time in your child’s development.

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