Dog Care Information: Dos & Don’ts For Advice To Trust

Finding the right health and nutrition information for your dog should be easy. Dogs have been hanging around with humans for a very long time, so you’d think their unique needs and requirements would be an open book by this point.

Yet the debate rages on, especially on the internet. People tend to feel very strongly about their opinions when it comes to pets. Given that so much of caring for an animal is about – albeit often educated – guesswork, because dogs can’t tell us specifically what they need, there’s a lot of room for different opinions and ideas.


When your main priority is ensuring the health of your pet, you just want facts and realities about the things you need to do to keep your dog in top condition. So where do you turn to, when so many different opinions are flying around?

DO TRUST: Authority Sites

Authority sites that are independent are a great source of information; sites like Pet WebMD for example. These sites don’t have any ulterior motive; they’re just looking to present the best, most up-to-date information available.

DON’T TRUST: Social Media

Despite its pitfalls, social media has overwhelmingly been a force for good – but some of those pitfalls can be cavernous. Facebook particularly is terrible for the spread of bad ideas and poorly shared opinions; things that are stated as ‘facts’ without any backing whatsoever. Anyone can detail their personal experience and dress it up to be a fact, upping the outrage factor in the hopes of more shares and likes. If you do see information on Facebook that’s intriguing, then it’s worth doing some additional research before you commit to it.

DO TRUST: User Feedback

Reviews by companies and newspapers are all well and good when it comes to dog healthcare products, but the information you really need is from people just like you: owners who are just wanting to do their best by their dog. So before you buy, always check and see if the site offers a review section, such as reading through Advantix for Dogs reviews. These are real-time experiences of those who are caring for animals. If a site doesn’t have a review section, it’s probably worth being skeptical and asking yourself why that might be the case.

DON’T TRUST: Hearsay

If you have a friend or family member who tells you about a product, that should be the start of your research. Don’t ever just follow advice from a non-authority source without checking it out for yourself. You can smile, be polite, thank them – and then spend some time doing your research to verify their claims.

DO TRUST: Your Vet

Finally, your vet is your best ally in the quest to keep your dog healthy for as long as possible. If you ever have any doubts about a product you are tempted to use, then talk to your vet about it. They will have the best insights, the best guidance, and their opinions won’t be influenced by anything but their concern for your dog’s well-being.

By following the above, you won’t go far wrong when it comes to dealing with health and care matters related to your dog – so keep it in mind, verify, and always consult your vet if you’re not sure.

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