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It seems they always call my husband’s phone instead of mine for appointments or anything important. We have had a few complications with this pregnancy so far and I am not that far along. 13 weeks by my LMP and 11 weeks by my last ultrasound. So we have been a bit on edge anytime we get a phone call from the hospital and I try to call them back as soon as possible.

My husband is in the Military and currently going through ALS [Airman Leadership School] So he is unable to give me the messages as quickly as he would if he were working normally. I have told them on several occasions MY number and I list my husband’s as an alternate. They do not ever seem to get it right, so I never get the phone calls and have to call them back when my husband gives me the messages.

Today the OBGYN called and I am normally seen by my family doctor, so I called them right away. My husband did not say what it was about, because he just sent me a text message giving me the number and telling me to call. It was all automated, which is annoying. I had no idea what I was calling for! Then I get a human and she treats me like I am an idiot and ships me off to someone else… who again treats me like an idiot. I am sorry you guys are dumb enough to not ever use the right number, which I gave it to them again today so we see if that changes.

Turns out I have a referral to see them, and I can only assume it is because of our complications. Not sure what else it would be. They do not tell you anything even when you ask. So not sure what I am in for and if I should get a sitter for my daughter or what. I never had this problem at a civilian hospital.



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