Disney-Inspired Formal Dresses

Every girl grows up wishing they could be part of a fairy tale, but not just any fantasy – a Disney classic. There are two opportunities in a girl’s life that they can  fulfill that ultimate dream:  their wedding day and their prom night, of course! Whether you’ve started to think about prom already or you haven’t even flipped through a look-book yet, these formal dresses will inspire you to live out the dream of transforming into a Disney princess!

Little Mermaid.  Two-piece dresses are all the rage for Prom 2017, and this unique mermaid gown is no exception! “Be where the people are” in this two-piece, floor-length mermaid gown. The embellished bodice features stunningly intricate beadwork that mimics Ariel’s seashell top, while the form-fitted bottom cascades into a layered mermaid tail. This dress comes in the perfect mermaid teal, but it’s also available in hot pink for the Barbie girls of the world.

Jasmine.  Do you trust Maxie? Morrell Maxie brings us this stunning two-piece prom look, a flowing skirt with layers of sheer fabric reminiscent of Princess Jasmine’s daywear paired with a beaded neckline that features a draping, scalloped design, as elegant as the swirling cityscape of Agrabah. Take your Prince Ali to prom in style with this stunning formal dress.

Pocohontas.  Paint with all the neutrals of the wind in this gorgeous ivory one-sleeve formal gown. This single shoulder dress has a gold sequined-lined bodice, exposed midriff, and high leg slit. It’s basically the upgraded, night-life look that the Native American princess would approve of.

Merida.  Dare to be Brave in this two-piece, off-the-shoulder dress with a bodice  covered in vibrant fuchsia, yellow, cerulean, and teal floral appliqués. The high-waist, flowing skirt is decorated with a similar floral pattern at the waistband, creating a beautiful silhouette. Merida is a rough and tough chick who isn’t afraid of the guys, so feel confident in this dress whether you have a date to the prom or not.

Moana.  Moana’s island vibes in this shine through in this on-trend two-piece prom dress. The heavily beaded skirt captures the coast through the intricate, wavy design and its vibrant, Hawaiian pink hue., while the vest-like top embrace a strong sense of femininity! This look is made from a jersey knit, so if comfort is what you’re after this prom season, Moana is your girl this prom season.

Cinderella.  There’s plenty of sparkle on this Cinderella A-line gown. It’s a delicate pastel shade of cornflower, Cinderella’s signature hue. Dress your look up with a sparkling headband and trendy choker for extra princess points!

Belle.  This  yellow ball gown, complete with a sweetheart neckline and decorative bodice beading, exudes French elegance and is ready for the fanciest of dinners. The flowing skirt will twirl perfectly as you dance through the ballroom in a tale as old as time!

Minnie Mouse.  A classic fashion icon, Minnie Mouse is known  for her iconic red and polka dot look. This perfectly adorable A-line dress is speckled with trendy polka dots that are our favorite mouse’s signature accessory! A red band cinches the waist and a high halter neckline with an exposed back unite to make this look fun and flirty.

Elsa.  Perhaps Disney’s most popular princess, Elsa’s is a highly sought-after look this prom season. The Ice Queen’s frosty blue hue shines true in this Angela and Alison dress. The fitted bodice has intricate Norwegian swirls and floral appliqués and a sheer lattice overlay that creates a delicate, feminine look. The flowing, shimmery tulle skirt adds extra flair, which is ideal for any Disney Prom Princess!

Megara. This stunning take on the Grecian human goddess that is Megara will knock everyone’s socks off at the prom. The plunging v-neck and scalloped edging around the exposed midriff give this lilac prom dress a sexy edge. Find yourself a hero and head to prom in style.

With the right dress, any girl can be a Disney princess on their prom night. Share your Disney prom looks with us in the comments!

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Shelly says:

    I love that Jasmine dress! Such a pretty style and color. Definitely something I’d wear!

  2. I love this; using Disney movies for prom inspiration can really help you figure out your style. I remember shopping for my prom dress. I went in thinking I wanted one thing and came out with a completely unique dress.
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  3. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    I so love these! Anyone who grew up with Disney being a large part of their childhood would really appreciate these dresses. They’re quite accurate as well. Awesome picks!

  4. Avatar travel blogger says:

    These are all so beautiful!! I would have loved to wear any of these for my own prom. Who wouldn’t want to wear a dress inspired by a Disney Princess? I think Cinderella is my favorite.

  5. Avatar Kelly Reci says:

    i love the little mermaid!! it looks perfect for my sister’s JS prom night!! very perfect!!

  6. Avatar Anosa says:

    I love the little mermaid dress! Same goes for the minnie mouse and moana inspired dresses. Perfect for some evening parties too. The others will go well for formal dresses. Nice Idea!

  7. Avatar My Teen Guide says:

    perfect gowns!! they are all elegant and nice! i love disney princess so this really catches my attention

  8. These gowns are stunning! I can’t choose which one is the prettiest. Prom dresses have gone a long way. It was very different during my time.

  9. Avatar Hannah Marie says:

    I feel excited reading and looking on the pictures of your post. I am really amazed by how they come up with this idea and have those great designs!

  10. Avatar Lisa Rios says:

    Those dresses are stunning! My favorites are Jasmine, Belle, and Elsa. Truly gorgeous, and I totally believe that any girl can (and deserves to) be a princess.

  11. This is such a great selection! All the dresses look so pretty. If I have to choose one, I think I’d pick the Pocahontas dress. It looks so sexy !

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