Disney Infinity Review [PS3]

Disney Infinity

I have kids that love to play video games during their down time! I love that they really get into it and have a good time. I love games that let you play together or something I can join and with Disney Infinity you even get to play some of your favorite characters.

We watch a lot of Disney movies in my home and we love the opportunity to get to play some of our favorites. My oldest and I love to play the Incredibles! We usually choose to play Violet & Mrs. Incredible [Elastigirl], we love to play as a mother daughter team. Neither came with the starter set, but we found the game worth it to buy extra characters we love.

Disney Infinity

There are many options when playing Disney Infinity and one is just playing around in the Toy Box and goofing off. My daughter is really into customizing things and so we find ourselves buying her some Power Discs when she does well with her chores and things. It is a great way for her to get something in game and be rewarded for doing well.

Disney Infinity

With the Power Up discs there are powers you can get for any character you decide to play and customization tools… oh and our favorite thing is the toys! We have these neat buzz light year guns we go around and play with and a neat little car that looks like a roller coaster car. It is a lot of fun to play with in the Toy Box.

We really enjoy the Play Sets for the characters, and how it is very RPG [Role-Playing Game] style. It really was submissive and we had a lot of fun in each one and with the storyline.

Disney Infinity

I love all the characters that are also coming out in the near future and have come out since the release. It makes great stocking stuffers for the kids along with Disney Infinity will make an exceptional present under the tree. It is extremely fun for the whole family to get involved. It is a 2 player game so you may have to take turns if you have a bigger family. My oldest and I have had the most fun with it.

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