Dead Island Riptide Review [PS3]

Dead Island Riptide

Loading into Dead Island Riptide you can get straight to the Co-op, just as soon as you finish the prologue. I had recently played through Dead Island GOTY Edition and it is exactly the same. Teaches you the basics of the game and sends you on your way! Be sure to check out my Dead Island Review, if you have a chance.

Starting up the game you get to choose from 5 Characters, 4 of which were from the first Dead Island. You choose from Xian, Sam B, Logan, Purna & the new character John Morgan. Each character has their specialty so its good to choose your character based off of your own play style. It will help when choosing their skills. It is not necessary to do so and you can have fun playing in any fashion you choose.

When starting up I chose Purna and my partner in crime picked John Morgan. We also decided to start from scratch and not bring in our saved data. When bringing in your saved data it will bring you in as a higher level and you will have your skills. We just decided it would be best to start out fresh and get a feel for the game that way.

I loved going through the prologue and feeling all bad ass. You get access to guns and things that made me super excited, but the excitement soon died once I found myself in Chapter 1 holding basically a fillet knife. Though this does help you in trying out all the weapons as they come and being able to mod them.

The weapons work the same way as they did in the first Dead Island, you have to repair them often and you can mod them! So always keep your eyes out for a new mod as it could be really helpful. You can also upgrade each weapon to help them be more durable and deal more damage.

Dead Island Riptide

I found the environment to be just as breathtaking as the first. You see new destinations, but they are still beautiful. If you do not mind a zombie horde mucking up the view. The graphics are amazing and you can really see the detail in everything.

As you play you find different kinds of zombies and it really makes you change the way you have to play in order to kill them without being harmed yourself. Progressing through each quest you find yourself having a harder time surviving. I loved cruising around in the boat and I found it neat, even if frustrating, that they could pull you from the boat and dunk you under water. I can not tell you how many times I ended up dying this way, buy I quickly learned what I could and could not do in these situations.

I really enjoyed the story line and it kept me engaged, and the side quests did not seem to take away from the story. It kept things moving and I had a great time with it. It always makes for a better game when you feel like it is a believable story, even if there are supernatural things involved.

The Co-op was like the original and we had so much fun slashing zombies to bits! You can go into others games and play along with them where they are. We played together from the beginning so we were both the same level through out the whole experience and had a lot of fun doing that. You can also join someones game and as long as you are the same level or above.

I would say if you loved the first or are really into first person survival games you can not go wrong picking up a copy of Dead Island Riptide!

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