Dead Island GOTY Edition Review

Dead Island GOTY Edition

I really enjoy playing Co-op games, the more intense the better. I love jump scares, even when I am screaming out I hate them, after an initial scare. I am also a huge fan of zombies, you name a game with zombies and I have probably played it. PC gaming has been a big thing for me in the past, but the consoles keep getting better and better. It makes it almost as pretty as a beefed up PC!

Recently I played Dead Island Game of The Year Edition, and had so much fun! It is developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver.

If you are looking for a couch Co-Op, you will not find it here. However the networked Co-Op is pretty handy and you don’t have to deal with the smooshed split screen play. I enjoyed seeing the game in all its splendor not split in between two screens. As much as I love split screened Co-Op, it just wouldn’t work well with this game.

Purna and Sam B

Starting up the game, you get to choose your own character out of 4 possible characters. I will get to the other characters later. When starting out I chose Purna and my partner in crime picked Sam B. In choosing our characters, we went off their expertise. I wanted a girl character, but I could not see myself getting in too close and luckily Purna is a fire arm expert. My partner in crime chose Sam B based off his ability to take a beating. He prefers them tanky.

During the Prologue you are on your own and it can get pretty intense. Once you are out of that, you can team up with your friends. There are settings to make it so others can join you randomly, or only by invite. We kept it just the two of us, since we were complete newbs. There are a lot of options to cater to anyone.

Once we practiced a bit with how to attack and getting comfortable with the controls we headed out on our missions and had a lot of fun bashing in zombie faces. As we leveled up we got to pick what our character would be like in combat, really with the tree you have to go off of your own play style. There is no shoe fits all here, at least not that I noticed. I just started picking traits that went with how I played and it really seemed to boost how efficient I was at killing the zombies.

Dead Island GOTY Edition

One thing I noticed right away, and could have gotten me killed, was the environment. I am crazy about game environments and just the way they feel realistic. I kept stopping to site see, to my partners dismay. He had to rescue me from a few pickles because I simply was not paying attention to the dangers around me. There is so much attention to detail, and everything felt like I was actually there.

We killed every single zombie we saw, but as we progressed through the game we realized that it was easier to run from one point to the next. It started out a dominating the zombie game, to a survival game. Though when you think about it, that is how it would be. We did everything we could to stay alive and at times it was hard to do so, when we did die we lost money. That is not a huge downfall with dying, but we still did not want to do it.

Dead Island GOTY Edition

It is pretty amazing the different ways you can play, from the skill tree to the weapons you can create. Even if you play with someone else who chose the same character, it does not mean you both will have the same playstyle or abilities. Somewhere in the middle of the game I realized I felt like my character was me, and I did everything to keep her alive and make her kick ass as much as possible. The things I made or the traits I picked, decided that. It gave me a sense of owenership and pride in her, when she did well.

The GOTY Edition came with some nice additional items that did not come with the original game. You get 3 DLC packed: Bloodbath Arena, Ryder White Episode & The Ripper [Weapon Blueprint].

Ripper from Dead Island GOTY Edition

The Ripper is a very interesting weapon and fun to play with!

Bloodbath Arena adds a survival mode to the game. In these maps you basically survive as long as you can, each wave is harder then the last. You take down one wave, grab what you can, repair what you can & get at the next wave. There can be some great blueprints to be found and a lot of XP, so it can certainly help you level up.

The Ryder White Episode chronicles the adventure of Dead Island’s Villan, Australian Colonel Ryder White, on his mission to contain the infected masses within the confines of Banoi, and attempt to rescue his wife Emily from the island’s prison. This is a single player campaign, so no friends allowed. Though I have to say it was a neat point of view for the game, and I really enjoyed it.

So I know I will be recommending Dead Island to everyone I know that games. It is a great RPG style game and I loved it! With so many games hitting up the zombie genre, it can sometimes feel over saturated and you are not sure to even try another. This one, I truly recommend giving it a shot.

Now I am very excited for the sequel, Dead Island Riptide!

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