Daddy Has Gone to Afghanistan

In the midst of all my posts about Christmas I thought I would make my first personal post in a long while. I love being able to share with you all the neat products that I have found and help you shop for Christmas. It is always something I have struggled with and it ends up having me waiting till the last minute to find that “just right” gift.

This Christmas will be the first year my kids are without their Dad, well it is our babies first Christmas and it will be without her Daddy. It really breaks me heart to know that he will be missing out on this amazing milestone in her life and my oldest was very upset when she found out, but it is what we do as a Military family. She is taking it a lot better than we thought she would.

He left almost 2 weeks ago for Afghanistan, and it has been a while since the last time he had to go. It has been a rough transition for our family, but we have managed to keep everything moving as smoothly while he has been away. I know I have taken the few things he does around here for granted, but now that I am doing it all I feel like Wonder Woman and I know he will get a lot more Thank Yous when he returns.

I truly love technology and the fact that he can talk to our girls every night before bed and they can tell him about their day. He will also call me in the mornings so that we can talk about what we have planned for the day. I think it helps him feel more connected with what is going on here and it makes us feel like he is still a part of things.

With our daughter turning 8 in about a week, it has been rough trying to plan her birthday without him. Though we decided he would get online and send her some things special and I will pick out loads of things she probably wouldn’t get for a typical birthday if Daddy were here. Trying to get everything perfect and make sure she does not have a chance to miss him and he will call her and she can show all the fun things she got for her Birthday.

Plus planning a party! Luckily her Birthday is on a Friday so we are doing the party on her Birthday. I know she is very excited! I have a HUGE thank you to Epson allowing me to review a projector that will be used for a fantastic outdoor movie night. I also know she wants a Monster High Theme so that is in the works too. I am looking forward to planning this very special day for her even if it is all on my own.




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