Curbing Your Coach Potato Habits

I think unless you’re a fitness fanatic, we can all agree we can be a bit of a coach potato. Sometimes the daily stresses of daily life just leave us too exhausted at the end of the day to even bothering exercising. Some of us on the other hand are just in denial. We’ll assume that weekly walk around the shops to get the food in is enough exercise to last us the week. Others will chose to go to the gym once a week, then spend the rest of the week celebrating the hard efforts by relaxing at home with a tub of ice cream. At least one of you will fall under this category, and if you do, we’re here to change the error in your ways.

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The main reason why people struggle so much is the fact that life just gets in the way. If you’re a parent, then trying to juggle being a mom, going to work, making the dinner, keeping the house clean etc. is all just a nightmare. By the end of the day you’re just so worn out and the only thing you have the energy to do is hop in the shower before bed, sometimes even that is too much of a task which is why dry shampoo is a godsend. So, the first thing you’re going to need to do is find the time to exercise. It’ll only take an hour, and you’re definitely going to be able to fit a spare hour in the day if you plan your time right. One of the best times to do it is actually early in the morning. Once you’re up and awake, you energy levels are at their peak, especially if you have a banana or something similar before you go. Now, dragging yourself to the gym is a little harder, especially now it’s cold and your car will go all toasty from the heaters.

The best thing to start the day is a morning run. It’ll wake you up so much more than you realize, and it’s free to do! All you need is some decent running trainers to keep yourself comfy, and to protect your feet and knees. It is a well known fact that running over the years can damage your knees from the shock of your feet impacting the ground. A good pair of trainers, such as the ones from the Brooks shoes sale will give you all the protection you need. Then you need to fuel your body for the rest of the day, the perfect way to do this is with breakfast. Part of the reason so many people come home from work exhausted is because they don’t make the time to eat. When they do eat, it’s a quick snack from the vending machine, or a bite to eat from the local fast food restaurant.

A 20 minute run combined with a heart bowl of porridge, which is full of slow release carbohydrates, will give you all the energy you need until lunch time. Another really important thing to do is give your body the sleep it needs. As you get older, the sleep you have tends to reduce. Not because you don’t need it, but because you come accustomed to staying up and watching the TV, or playing on your phone. Sleep is one of the main things that’ll stop you becoming a coach potato at the end of the day.

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