Creative Christmas Gift Ideas That Get Your Children Out Of The House!

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It’s never too early to think about Christmas, in fact, the earlier, the better when you’re thinking about gifts. Every year we think about what to get our children, and they give us a long list of games and toys. Most likely, your child will want a load of things that mean they’re stuck inside all day glued to a screen of some kind. This isn’t good for them, your children need to go outside more and be active!

Keeping that in mind, I’ve put together a gift guide containing things you can get your kids to encourage them outside more.

A Remote Controlled Toy

Remote controlled toys are excellent gifts to get your children out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors. You can get them a racing car that they can drive around on your patio or driveway, but I like the idea of a little boat. This means they have to go to a local park with a lake to play with it. Trust me, you’ll start to get sick of going outdoors soon, your child will be begging you to take them to the park every day!

A Skateboard

I find that children, young boys especially, love skateboards. They see plenty of TV characters using them, they probably have some toys that use skateboards, so why not get them a real one? If you take a look at Sports Gear Lab best skateboards list, you’ll see a few selections that are good for beginners. That’s the key here; you need to get them a beginner skateboard. They’re designed to be easier to use, resulting in fewer falls. Now, armed with their new board, they’ll want to get out the house more and away from the TV.

A Bike

If your child isn’t into skateboarding, or you think they’re too young to try, then there’s nothing wrong with getting them a new bike instead. Get one with stabilizers on for any children that have never ridden a bike before. This will be a huge deal if it’s their first bike, they’ll be over the moon. If your child has already got a bike, then they’ll still be overjoyed with a new one! Christmas dinner will barely be finished, and they’ll have their helmet on ready to go out for a ride.

A Soccer Goal

If you’ve got a fairly large garden, then you may as well make the most of it. Get your child a soccer goal this Christmas, and set it up outside. Now, they’ve got their own mini-pitch to go and play soccer on. They’ll be outside every day kicking a ball into the net, and it’s a fantastic chance to get your children playing with one another. Not only that, but it helps them exercise, and you can join in too! It’s a really simple gift, but it can bring so much to the table. If you join in, then it means you can spend hours bonding with your child, as well as getting in some exercise of your own!


Any of these gifts will get your child outside enjoying the fresh air. Plus, they’re all incredibly exciting gifts too, so they’ll be super happy this Christmas!

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