Creating A Relationship Between Your Children And The Great Outdoors

Technology has progressed so far that now, children can play games on their smartphones and tablets, and never have to go outside to be entertained. Children are becoming more and more obese, lazy and find little satisfaction of the mere thought of playing outside like their parents did when they were kids. The games they play can even mimic the properties of playing outside with outdoor sports and games that portray some kind of simulation. To break the endless circle of monotony, parents need to think outside the box because you’re essentially trying to compete with a market that is funding by billions of dollars. However, if you play your cards right and get children interested, you can wean them off their virtual experiences with the promise of feelings those very same experiences in real life. Getting in touch with nature isn’t easy as humans have grown further apart with each new generation. However, nature has never left us, so with a few ideas you can bring your children out of their bedrooms and into the wild in no time.

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Going camping

Camping with your children can be some of the most memorable times you even spend with your children. Children are full of energy, and they often want to run around, shout and jump when they have more of it than they know what to do with. So going camping should be treated as an adventure, because you’re going out into the wild, and you’ll see new things, smell and touch the world around them in the most natural and raw way. Get your children to be apart of the proceedings, so they feel as they’re a part of the team with some responsibility to uphold. When booking a trip online, get them involved by allowing them to put some input into the location.

When you’re at the location, your children may be curious as wander off so keep a close eye on them. On the other hand, your children are most likely to be a little hesitant and not know how to handle their new surroundings. It’s key that now the experience can be ingrained in their minds as something positive and something that will change their life somehow. A perfect fun night in the woods includes letting them take part in the preparation of supper. After supper the whole family can then play some fun, planned games, sing songs have awe inspiring moments of clarity under the starry night. Along the way, you’ll be teaching them life lessons on how to stay safe, warm, cautious and at the same time, how to be brave, level-headed and respectful of nature.

Photo by – Hans Splinter

Bringing wild pets home

In their children’s books, they’ve read about chickens and eggs as well as other animals such as frogs, badgers, and squirrels. Bringing home a wild animal that’s harmless, but fun can instill within children the love of caring for them, interacting and studying them. If you’re then planning on raising backyard chickens, you need to be careful that safety precautions are followed. As the chickens aren’t normal house pets, your children may be more susceptible to catching an illness related to poultry. However, this is very easy to avoid, by following the proper cleaning methods to sanitize the chicken coop. Children who are exposed to the elements earlier on in life, stand more of a chance to develop a tougher immune system than most other kids.

Raising chickens can be really fun for the little ones because chickens aren’t strong, they don’t have claws, they’re timid by nature, they’re not heavy and generally compliant. Not only are chickens a great foundation animal from which children are able to learn how to take care of and nurture, but they also don’t pose a health risk by attacking anyone. Equally, children get to know where eggs come from by collecting them from the coop every few days. If you want to instill a greater sense of respect and enjoyment in children, you could try to raise a chick from one of the eggs, making it a real family project with the children being directly involved. Working with their hands to keep the eggs warm, making sure not to crack or drop it, and respecting the life that’s growing inside.

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Going to a farm

Perhaps it’s a school trip or you just want a fun day out, to get your children off their seats and away from their gaming habits. There’s nothing like the fresh air that spreads through a farm. A trip to a farm is very educational for children. Not only do they get to learn how to take care of animals, being gentle and treating living creatures with respect but, they’ll also get to know how vegetables are planted and grown.

There are lots of opportunities at farms for sensory learning. With the over-watch of an adult, children can touch animals they wouldn’t normally see and only read about in books. From pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, geese, and little baby lambs. Farms that welcome children will have their own tour guide, and together with the children, you’ll learn about what life is like on the farm and how the animals and humans, rely on each to live a better life. Petting the lambs with their soft coats, and learning about how fragile they are in early life, is something children will pick up on, and it may trigger their nurturing senses. Children will, for the first time, get to feel textures of wool, fur, feathers, fingers, and nails of various creatures. The sensation of different smells will bombard their nose; some unusual some distinctly recognizable.

You and the kids can also go vegetable picking. By pulling them out of the soil, washing them and stacking them, children see first hand where their food comes from and the amount of hard work it takes to do so. Maybe with this knowledge, they’ll eat all their vegetables next time at dinner. By putting your child in your lap, you can safely have a horse ride in most farms too. Children find this very exciting as the height and bumpiness are strange, yet they’ve almost built a relationship with the horse before they met because of fictional characters in books.

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