The Complete Guide To A Perfect Summer Family Camping Trip

Camping trips are a fantastic holiday idea as they’re more affordable than paying for hotels, they get everyone outside, and they can be incredibly fun for the whole family.

The success of your camping trip revolves around how well you prepare for it. So, here’s my guide to the perfect family camping trip this summer:

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You can’t go camping without some tents! There are many things to think about when you’re buying tents for a family camping trip. You can see on that there are loads of different tents you can buy. Mainly, you want to ensure you get something that’s easy to put up, is waterproof, and has plenty of room.

You’ll definitely need more than one tent, but they all need to tick the three boxes above. In doing so, you ensure you get tents that won’t cause stress by being hard to put up, they won’t soak you if it rains, and they’ll keep everyone comfortable by being spacious.

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Sleeping Arrangements

Possibly the hardest thing about camping as a family is ensuring everyone gets a good night’s sleep. However, you can ensure everyone sleeps well by following two simple steps. Firstly, as you can see on sites like, there are loads of air mattresses you can purchase that are ideal for camping. With one of these, your family doesn’t have to sleep on the floor, and they won’t complain of any discomfort; easy!

Secondly, make sure you don’t overcrowd a tent with too many people. The more people there are, the less room there is, and the harder it is to sleep. So, if you have a two-person tent, don’t try and cram three people in there! Give everyone enough space to feel comfortable, and they’ll all sleep perfectly.

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Of course, you can’t have a good family camping trip if you’re camping in a lame location. As  I mentioned in a previous post here;, it’s always good for a family when you can get away for a while. So, it might be good to camp in a different country or a good way away from home. It gives everyone a chance to experience a different setting and take some time away from your normal experiences.

But, you also want to ensure you’re camping somewhere that’s close to some shops and also has bathrooms/showers nearby. This is why it makes sense to book with real campsites, so you get access to showers and a proper bathroom. That’s the key here, you don’t want to remove all home comforts, or your kids might go crazy (and so will you!).

There you have it; three main things to think about when planning the perfect summer family camping trip. If you buy the best tents, ensure everyone will sleep well, and pick a good location, then your trip will be fantastic. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your camping trip today for the most amazing summer vacation ever.

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