Common Complaints: The Mom Of A Gamer

One common complaint many parents can feel united on is the subject of their teenage children and the gaming industry. Each year you find there is a new games console added to the Christmas list. The latest game that you need to purchase or even the latest technology to run alongside the game’s console. Things like headphones, or different types of controllers. However, while there is nothing wrong with kids having these things added to their Christmas wishlist, I think many parents are starting to pull their hair out a little with their gaming children and share some common complaints.


Now there isn’t anything wrong with children or teenagers enjoying playing games on their consoles, and quite the opposite this isn’t an article that will be telling you how bad it is. Far from it. I just hope that this will reach out to like minded parents who may agree with some of the points. I hope that some of the tips offered may help any of you despairing parents out there.

Spending too much time on their own

One thing I do find with a teenager playing on their console is that they end up spending too much time on their own, wouldn’t you agree? They may rush off upstairs as soon as they get home from school and be straight on it playing games against their friends who have done exactly the same thing. The main issue is that they end up spending a lot of time on their own and not much socializing with family or other children their age after school. There used to be a time where kids went out and played on the street. Ride a bike, kicked a ball around or used their imagination to come up with games. It can be quite isolating just playing games in your room, and again while there is nothing wrong with some downtime, it might be worth keeping an eye on it yourself and then encouraging some time away for other things such as a family meal, a conversation or even spending time with siblings.


Finding it expensive for games or subscriptions

Many parents might agree that games consoles, games and some of the subscriptions that go with it like live accounts can be quite expensive. But yet there is always a new game launched or upgrade to be considering. This is when you may be looking for alternative ways to save a little extra and turn to websites like eBay or G2A. Both are decent selling platforms that allows other users to sell used or pre-owned games. However, some people may be asking is G2A safe? Will eBay supply the right sort of item? Will you even receive your items if your purchase on these platforms? These are all legitimate questions and the best advice would be to do research on alternative methods of buying games consoles, games and subscription packages to ensure that your money won’t be wasted.

Too tired for school

I think any parents of a gamer who hasn’t heard the words “I’m too tired for school” come out of their child’s mouth are very lucky. It is by far one of the most common complaints of parents of gamers and the whole main reason is that children can spend too much time and stay up too late playing on their consoles because most of the time the item is in their bedroom. Many kids won’t have a massive grasp on time, and will pinpoint the fact that at the time in the evening they won’t feel tired and will just carry on until they do. But as parents, we know that they need a certain amount of decent quality sleep to be able to function the next day. If you find that this is a big problem for you why not implement some rules and make sure they are enforced. Maybe the games console gets switched off at a certain time and that’s it for the night. Or encouraging your child to do something else like reading or spending some time with the family before bed.

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Who are they really talking to online anyway?

One huge concern for many parents is that there is an online element of gaming and that means that not only can children and teenagers speak to friends they can also communicate with strangers. This can be a huge worry for parents. The truth is, that children can play online without the need to message or get into conversation with someone they don’t know. The best advice would be to keep the line of communication open with your child so that they no they can always come to you in confidence if needed.

Are boys worse than girls?

To be honest, there are surveys and results that suggest that boys can get more addicted to gaming than girls. This is due to the biological wiring in the brain. But i can also be to do with the desire of conquests and to achieve some dominance. Boys tend to focus on the one thing whereas girls could have a multiple things going on while they are playing the game such as talking to friends, doing their homework, replying to a text message. Boys tend to focus all of their energy into the one thing, hence why the addiction can be slightly more intense for boys. Of course, these results aren’t set in stone and any girl can equally get besotted with a game.

Is there anything you can do?

Finally, while you can’t always be the ogre parent and say no to gaming, there are rules you can put in place to ensure that your child doesn’t spend too much playing on the games. You could put time limits on playing, you could ask that a child does other activities as well like all of their school homework or engaging with the family. Or even have an agreed bedtime. Just keeping more of an eye on things should help you feel better about what is going on.

I hope that this helps any gamer parents out there.

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