Comfort And Style: You Can Have It All

There is too much defeatism in the design world; sometimes. It comes from the folks that believe you can only have a comfortable home or a stylish one. But what they don’t realize is that you can have your cake and eat it in this case. Just read on to find out how.

Making space work for you

A good room is like a good outfit, it is not going to look right unless you get all the out of sight bits sorted. OK, so nobody sees them, but they are essential for the overall feel of what you are trying to create.

A comfortable but stylish room like the one we are trying to create here is no exception. For a room to be comfortable, it takes more than just soft furnishings. It also takes thought and consideration about the temperature, aspect, and the light in the room itself.

For example, you can have all the latest key trends this season.  But of your room is a tiny box, that traps in hot air and gets blinding sun seven hours a day, it just isn’t going to be a comfortable space to spend your time in.

That’s why you need to ensure that you have the basics sorted first. To do this ensure you have a good heating, ventilation and air con system put in to start with. You can even get funding help from the government to do this. Check out the Hero Financing Program for HVAC for more information.

You also need to be sure that you have adequate window treatments. So if you get a lot of light, ensure you have a heavy blinds or drapes, that will make it easy to adjust the light level in the room.

Tactile fabrics

Once you have the basic level of comfort sorted, you can embellish this with stylistic touches.

One of the best ways of doing this to use fabrics to your advantage. Soften colder, sleeker materials like leather or plastic with soft tactile fabric such as sheepskin, cashmere or wool.

Picture here

Add rugs to hardwood floors to give you space a more homely feel and keep your tootsies warm in the evenings.

You can also add dimension with scatter cushions in opulent fabrics of different textures. Which will make your furniture pop, as well as giving you somewhere to rest your head, when you need that all important afternoon snooze, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Old and new

Also combining older items with a bit of visible wear with newer sleeker pieces can work wonders. It will give you a stylish look that feels lived in and comfortable, rather than cold and unappealing.


Leather items such as chairs and couches work well in a space, once they have seen some service and have started to develop a patina. They are also way comfier at this stage in their lives too!

Remember too, that just because you are looking for that light, clean aesthetic, doesn’t mean you can intersperse this with the odd piece of furniture built from natural materials. Such as wood, wicker or even stone.

Using pieces like this in your home will definitely provide a more lived-in feel and temper the clean aesthetic to making it a more comfortable space in which to spend your time.

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