Here Come The Hordes: Preparing You Home For Holiday Guests

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You’ve managed to make it through most of the year, but there are still three big dates left on the calendar and each of them encourages an onslaught of guests to burst through your front doors and overstay their welcome – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s just that time where every sofa, seat and chair will be taken up by friends-slash-family in thick sweaters.

It’s amazing, there is no denying that, but it is also quite stressful, which is why we have pulled together a list of ways you can prepare your home before your guests start showing up:

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Show Them The Door

We know all the fun and games will be happening inside (typically the kitchen, diner and living room), but don’t overlook the very first thing your guests will see: your doorway. Oh no. Instead, start sprucing this up a little, get a wreath, sweep it clean, put some potted plants out there and line the path with pretty lanterns. Let this set the tone of what is to come.


Coat Racks & Shoe Space

We’re talking about winter here so, aside from Uncle Frank who’ll be flying in from Hawaii and thus forgotten how cold it is here, you know people will be wearing coats and boots. That means they will need a place to hang their coats and put their boots. So, what you need to do is go through your coat racks and pegs, take anything off that doesn’t get frequent use and store them in the attic, only to repeat this whole process next year.


Make Sure People Are Connected

Kids have forgotten how to have fun using their own imaginations, and so they are going to have an absolute meltdown if the internet connectivity is below par, which it will be because there are so many people using it. That’s why we urge you to head to Suddenlink for more information on how to get an up to scratch WiFi system at home. There will be cousins wanting to log into Facebook to show you pictures of their dogs playing in the snow, kids wanting to play games, teens wanting to watch Teen Wolf and adults panicking that their office is trying to contact them. Make sure you can deliver on this front.

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All The Supplies And More

We’re not just talking about overstocking your cupboards with festive treats, we’re talking about stocking up on all the essential supplies that will make a stay much more livable. Towels, bedding, shampoos, shower gels and anything else you can think of that falls within this bell curve. Once you have stocked up on these, designate a shelf in a cupboard (probably your airing cupboard if we are being honest) so that your guests can just help themselves. That way it will be easier for everyone.


Go Above And Beyond

We know that your home is not going to become a hotel or a BnB and nor should it ever feel like that. This is your home and your guests should chip in to help. However, a small gesture like setting up a miniature necessities station will really go a long way in making them feel at home. A little bottle of lotion, a dressing gown, some slippers, a scented candle in their room and a book of your choice. Mmmmm, dreamy.

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