Christmas Treats For The Hard-To-Please

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Struggling to get Christmas presents for those hard-to-please people in your life? Maybe they’re not even that hard to please; perhaps you’re simply building up the gift-buying experience in your head and panicking because you can’t think of what to get for all your loved ones. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. We’ve all had that pre-Christmas meltdown before. Here are some ideas that should help you get Christmas treats for the hard-to-please.


Stocking fillers.

Instead of fretting over that one “amazing” present you want to get for each of your family members and friends, you could make things easier on yourself by getting everyone a few little things. Stocking fillers don’t have to be the lazy person’s option; it can be more thoughtful to buy lots of presents rather than just one. Not only could it be more cost-effective than buying something expensive for everyone (especially if you buy lots of little gifts in bundles and give them out to each person) but it’s also much more fun for the person in question.


Everybody loves unwrapping multiple gifts so you’ll be giving your loved ones the pleasure of doing that when you get each of them a little stocking or goodie bag. Most importantly, you’ll be reducing the risk of giving your loved ones presents that they hate. If you only get each person one gift and they don’t like it then that can sting a little, but if you get each person lots of little gifts then you increase the chance that they’re going to like or love at least one of the things you buy or make for them. So, stocking fillers are a win-win situation if we’re being honest.


Novelty gifts.

When in doubt, go for the comedy gift. Everybody loves a good laugh and this is definitely the case when Christmas swings around. It’s the best time of year during which to be jolly. Obviously, there’s more to the history of Christmas than happiness but those two things certainly go hand in hand. Rather than worrying about getting a serious and deeply-poignant gift for your hand, why not get them a novelty gift to make them feel festive?


A novelty gift could be something Christmas-themed, like a silly hat that plays jingles when pressed, or it could be some quirky misheard lyrics pint glasses which could help your friend or family member feel a little “merry” when paired with a nice beverage. The point is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or get a serious gift; you just have to show that you thought about the person in question and wanted to get them something to make them feel jolly during this festive time of year.

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Sentimental gifts.

If all the high street shops and online stores are starting to hurt your head then you should turn your attention away from consumer options and towards the sentimental “handmade” approach. Nothing demonstrates the spirit of Christmas more than a thoughtful gesture. You could spend money on some expensive gift in a store or you could take some time to bake some delicious food for your loved ones or knit a piece of clothing (depending on how adventurous you’re feeling).


The point is that people are often touched far more by a gift which cost you time rather than money. Of course, if you’re not the creative type then you could try out a different kind of sentimental gift; why not take your friends or family on a trip to each of their favorite places? There’s nothing more special than spending time together. If you want the people who matter in your life to really remember a Christmas present then take them out somewhere special and make some memories they’ll never forget.

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