Christmas Baby on Board: Last-minute Gifts for Moms-to-be

The first Christmas with your baby is always exciting. But often there’s another first Christmas with your baby, and that’s when they’re yet to make their appearance. If you know anyone who is currently pregnant and set to be at least a little uncomfortable over the holiday period, it’s the perfect time to show them you care. Pretty soon, everything’s going to be about the baby. While the baby shower or the baby’s birth is the perfect time to give a gift for the little one, you might want to choose something for the mom-to-be at Christmas time. Try out these fun and touching ideas if you know someone who will be a mommy in the new year.

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Bath and Pamper Products

If you like to give thoughtful gifts, anything relating to bath products can seem like an “I don’t know you that well” gift. However, there are times when it’s appropriate to give someone something they can use in the bath or shower or that they can use to pamper themselves. If you know someone who’s about to become a mom, it’s a reminder that they should take some time to look after themselves. Pregnancy can change a body a lot, so anything that can help to soothe aches and pains or help them relax is a good idea. Think anything from bath bombs to candles.

Milestone Cards or a Journal

Keeping track of a pregnancy is a fun thing to do for a lot of women – at least, for the first one. Pregnancy milestones will help them keep track of things like the first time they felt the baby move or kick, or when they first heard the heartbeat. If you want to give them something a bit less restrictive, you could consider a nice notebook or journal that they can use however they wish. Baby milestone cards are a good idea too, even if they won’t be able to use them for a few more months.

Delicious Non-alcoholic/Caffeine-free Drinks

Pregnancy means no alcohol or caffeine, which can be a bit boring. It’s not necessarily that moms-to-be want the stimulants, although they might miss that, but they also don’t get to taste the drinks they love. Drinks with no alcohol or caffeine can seem boring, and sometimes they just don’t feel very grown up. If you want to treat someone, how about a sophisticated drink that they can have while pregnant? There are some great non-alcoholic drinks to try, from up-market cola brands to herbal drinks. And, of course, caffeine-free tea and hot chocolate are always good choices.

Fun Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes aren’t exactly the best thing about being pregnant. In fact, they’re a huge reminder that you’re getting bigger and can no longer fit into the clothes you love. A lot of maternity clothes aren’t very exciting, either. But if you want to make a playful mom-to-be smile, a funny maternity T-shirt or Christmas sweater could be a great gift. Visit Zoey’s Attic for more on what you could do and how you could personalize something too. Just make sure that your giftee shares your sense of humor before you give her something silly!

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Comfy Cushions

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable. It shifts all your insides around, and you have to carry extra weight. Getting comfortable even when you’re at home can be hard, making sleeping or even just sitting down difficult. If you want to make a pregnant woman happy this Christmas, a comfortable cushion or pillow is a great idea. She can never have too many. There are some great pregnancy pillows that are designed to support a pregnant body in all the right places and relieve pressure. It might be a good idea to keep in mind that some people could regard this as a fairly intimate gift, so consider how close you are first.

A New Bag

A new bag is always handy and can be especially useful for a mom-to-be. She needs a bag for the hospital if that’s where she’s planning to have her baby, and she’ll need a diaper bag pretty soon too. But outside of baby-related gifts, it’s always nice for someone who’s about to be a mom to have something that’s just for her too. A bag is a great idea because you don’t need to know her clothes size, and it’s a gift that can be both practical and stylish. Get her a handbag or maybe something with lots of pockets.

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Personalized Cookies

Something to eat is always a good choice for a gift. If you’re thinking of a personalized gift, cookies are fun and a bit of a novelty. You can get cookies made in unique shapes or have them iced with a name or even with photos. It’s easy to order what you want online or perhaps from a local bakery. If you want to do something really special, though, you can look for boutique bakeries that make handcrafted cookies that can’t be replicated. Or if cookies aren’t the right choice, there are always chocolates, cakes and other tasty treats.


Jewelry can also make a great gift for a mom-to-be. Feeling beautiful can be hard when you’re pregnant, and there might not be a lot of time for a new mom to treat herself once the baby comes along. A piece of jewelry could just be something you think she would like or you could look for something that relates to having a baby. A personalized piece of jewelry could be a sweet idea, maybe with a name on it or a special date. At a time when a lot of people might be giving her gifts that are more for the baby than for her, it’s nice to make sure she gets something to mark the occasion too.

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Something to Do

Your gift doesn’t have to be a physical one. An experience also makes a good gift, and it’s a good idea for a mom-to-be. There are plenty of gift vouchers you can give that can be traded in for something to do. Perhaps get her a gift certificate for a spa day or even for a weekend away. Gift vouchers for experiences often last around a year, so there should be time for her to do something while pregnant or maybe a few months after the baby is born when she’s no longer dealing with a newborn. If you feel a bit lost for ideas, giving someone something to do can help you out, and it means you avoid cluttering up someone else’s home with your gift.

Help for When the Baby Is Born

Everything is pretty hectic when a child first comes along, even with two parents and others to help out. If you want to make sure you can be helpful, you can give a gift that can be traded in later. You could give some vouchers that can be redeemed for a cleaning service or maybe a meal delivery service. Or if you’re feeling particularly generous, make your own vouchers that promise your help when it’s needed.

Something to Relax With

As well as pampering products, you might consider something a mom-to-be could relax with and spend some time alone. For example, she might enjoy a new book or a box set of her favorite show. These are great for grabbing some time to relax while pregnant but can also be useful when there’s a baby around too. Having a book to read or something to watch while the baby is feeding stops moms from getting bored or falling asleep. If you don’t think a book is enough, you could bundle it up with some hot chocolate or other relaxing items.

Anything You Would Normally Get Her

Although becoming a mommy is a huge occasion, everyone is likely to be marking it. If the mom-to-be you know is a good friend or relative and you usually get them gifts, you might not need to overthink it too much. Just get her a gift you would normally get her, and forget about trying to think of something pregnancy-themed or baby-themed. She’ll probably appreciate that you’re still treating her like herself and not like she’s suddenly just a baby carrier.

Ideas for Adoptive Parents

It’s worth remembering that not all new parents experience a pregnancy. Some of them adopt their child, who could be a baby but could equally be older. If you know someone who is adopting a child, you might be worrying about appropriate gifts. However, there are still plenty of lovely gifts you can get them. Almost all of the suggestions above are suitable, apart from the ones related to pregnancy or post-pregnancy. Of course, remember to avoid baby things if the child is older. A personalized gift can be a touching option to welcome them to the family.

A beautiful gift for a mom-to-be can recognize that she’s about to be a parent, but don’t forget about her as an individual too. She might appreciate a gift that reflects her personality.


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