Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks!

This is not a new development, but Cancer really sucks! Yesterday, I lost my beautiful aunt. She had a long battle with Cancer, that she won before. They just found it again a few months ago. She put up quiet a fight, but it was just not enough. She died surrounded by people that loved her and she is finally at peace and not in anymore pain. That is our only condolence in losing her.

I can think of so many things I did with her when I was younger. I loved going to her house. I watched so much Nascar at her house, it was insane! She is also where I learned to love the Cleveland Browns. Only team I will ever support FYI. These are things I will remember. I will remember her laugh, it was one of a kind! My heart breaks for my cousins, having to lose their mother at such a young age. My Aunts and mother losing their Sister and my Grandma losing her daughter. She was such a loving person, who worked hard and played hard.

This is not my first introduction to Cancer, just my most recent. I have had several family members have cancer and win, and some didn’t… it really sucks. I myself found out I had the beginning stages of cancer, but was lucky enough that one procedure produced zero margins and I was good to go and just have to be checked every so often to make sure it does not come back. I was incredibly lucky, so many are not.

Every year I do charity streams on my Twitch channel, Leotastic, for St. Jude. It is such a small gesture, but I put everything I can into raising as much money as I can. It sucks enough seeing adults fight, but kids… my heart about crushes into itself. Cancer just SUCKS SOOO FREAKING MUCH!

Hug your family and tell them you love them, as often as you can. Never know when it will be the last time.

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She is a proud mother, a hard worker and a animal lover. If she is not with her kids she is usually playing video games and either streaming them on Twitch and Beam or creating content for YouTube as Leotastic.

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