Build A Dream Playhouses Pop N’ Play Kitchen Review


My girls love to play house and many other imaginative stuff, and I love the plays they put on and the fun that they have. I have a hard time finding resources that will allow them to put together sets for their plays and even for their times of just playing house or any other imaginative play, but that is only because our home is not a mansion and so we do not have a lot of free space to set up things. So it can be a challenge to find things that they can use, but that I can fold up and store away when they are finished free up some space. So let’s try¬†Build A Dream Playhouses!


This was a problem I had until I found Build A Dream Playhouses! I think one of my girls’ favorite things about them is the fact that they can color them anyway they choose! I think my favorite part is the folding it absolutely flat and being able to store it easily. So we are both pretty happy with this. My girls tried out the Pop N’ Play Kitchen, and they loved it. Their kitchen is decorated to suit them and there is everything you would need to play in a kitchen!


They have spent hours with the kitchen and have made me many new delicious creations and they have a great backdrop for when playing house or putting on one of their great plays they really love to dream up. This has been a great addition to our home and has brought so much joy to them! I love that it is suited to their own needs and can be anyway they want it to be.


This is a great item to gift any girl that loves to have imaginative play and there are many other options that would suit any little kid for hours of fun in a world they design themselves!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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