Bring The Bygone Back Into Your Kid’s Life

Maybe we are just becoming the grumpy old parents like we swore we’d never become, but kids don’t seem to play outside as much as they did when we were young whippersnappers. Instead of climbing trees and paddling in lakes and pretending they have ET stuffed in the basket on their BMX, kids prefer to play inside. That means Xbox, Playstation, iPhones, iPads and anything else that has a health warning about it being ‘bad for the eyes’. So why not change that.

To help usher in this new – okay, bygone – era, it is your responsibility to make your backyard as epic, awesome, inspiring and creative as is humanly possible. Don’t worry, though, because you’re not alone. Below are a few tip top tricks and tips to make sure you create a place they’ll never want to leave. Enjoy.

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Faster, Faster, Faster

Yup, we’re talking about installing a zip line in your back garden. Think about it. When you pop away for a vacation, staycation or long weekend and your kids discover there is a zip line kicking about it is like the greatest discovery since penicillin, so why not put one up in your garden. Your kids will love it, and so will their friends, which means you’ll have the default house to hang out at, meaning you’ll know what your young ones are up to. All you have to do is ensure it is safe.

Garden Camping

There is nothing that feeds the imagination like having a few teepees erected in your back garden, that place where the kids can get stuck into playing games and interior designing. We all love camping, so make it an all-the-time option. Everything they once did inside can be done outside. They can play with their toys, play hide and seek, read books, host tea parties, anything and everything a princess or a cowboy or an astronaut or a jedi could possibly want.

Just Hanging Around

We are fully-grown adults and we love the idea of chilling in hanging chairs, so imagine what a kid would think when they got home and found four chairs hanging from the patio covers by Northwest Exteriors. They can swing in them, chill in them, relax in them, eat lunch in them, and do whatever else in them. It could become that space where you all chill as a family. Fill them with comfy cushions and whatnot and away you go.

Musical Magic

We all want our kids to use their imaginations and have fun and go wild and get creative, but smashing a wooden spoon against a colander in your small kitchen can get annoying after three whacks. That is where a musical fence comes in because you can now share their talents with your neighbors. All you need is a fence panel to start, then it is just a matter of hanging things that make a sound to it. You know, old pans and xylophones and wind chimes and cooking grills. Basically, you can clear out your garage while also making your garden more attractive to kids. They call that two birds with one stone.

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