Brilliant Hacks to Maintain a Beautiful Home

Housekeeping is a lot of work – probably more than most first-time buyers expects it to be. We’re not trying to keep it clean, neat and tidy just for show either, as a well-maintained home tends to experience less trouble, costing you less in repairs, and even boosting the final resale value when it’s time to move on to somewhere else. Excellent housekeeping is, in other words, as ongoing and circular as maintaining your health.

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Just as it is with our physical and mental well-being, what you invest in it now will return to you in spades a few years down the road. From ensuring that your appliances are able to serve you for many years still, to cleaning your gutters once in a while, here is a comprehensive list of what you should do to take better care of your home.

It won’t necessarily keep you in the gym for hours as when you try to maintain your own health, but it will probably cost you the same amount of energy. Good housekeeping is hard work sometimes – but it’s totally worth it.

Fast Cleaning Hacks

A sparkling clean home will have you breathing in fresh air, prevent your children from developing allergies, and even help those appliances to last a bit longer. Yet, the psychological effects a thoroughly clean home have on us are not to be ignored either; when you genuinely enjoy the way your home looks when it’s gorgeously clean, you’d kind of want to keep it that way – and it makes you fall even more in love with it.

Deep cleaning your home isn’t something you’d want to every weekend, though, so it helps to have a steady routine up your sleeve. Make your bed every morning, first of all, to ensure you’re starting your day off the right way. Try to wipe off surfaces at least every second day if you have pets and children. It doesn’t even take you ten minutes and gives your home a certain shine which it could never have with a regular layer of dust covering it.

Your sink is also another area that should receive a bit of attention every day. Even if you have a dishwasher; bacteria love sinks and would prefer to stay in there for ever if you’d just let them. Wash them all off every day and feel a bit more confident about your home.

Another fast cleaning hack is to incorporate a ten-minute cleanup once a day where the entire family is involved. Do it right after dinner or before bedtime, for example, and tell your kids to tidy up their rooms while you take care of those surfaces while your SO does the dishes. A home is much easier to maintain when you’re not the only one making an effort, so get the rest of the household involved right away.

If you struggle to keep the dining table neat and tidy, you can try to prevent your household from leaving all their junk on your surfaces by having the table set at all times. It’s shooting two birds with one stone, so to speak, as nobody should have the audacity to clutter up a set table – and you’ll also enjoy the feeling of always having your dining table ready for every meal.


Maintaining appliances

There is more to your home than dust and dishes, though, and a few of your appliances would benefit from regular maintenance as well. Every single filter in your home should be vacuumed or cleaned once a month; the tumble dryer’s filter, the A/C, and any air-purifier systems you may have in your home. It’s not just to make sure it actually functions as it should and provides you with clean, fresh air – but when you completely ignore these filters, it will make the appliances work twice as hard, and you’ll have to replace them a lot sooner.

Vacuum the refrigerator coil that is underneath the appliance at least once a year, have the fireplace chimney cleaned and inspected annually as well, and replace the batteries in your smoke detector yearly too. Even the garage door should be inspected from time to time so that you avoid a potential accident or see it bumping into something; test it to ensure it reverses when hitting an obstacle or when the sensor beam is interrupted.

It’s the kind of stuff we often wait with until spring, which is perfectly fine –  just make sure you don’t forget about it. Inspecting your heating system is also something you get over with right away, especially now that it’s still autumn as your entire neighborhood and their relatives will be looking for a good heating inspector. Call them up as soon as possible, and you’ll be able to stay comfortably warm and cozy without waiting half a month for the inspector to get there.

Remember your bathroom too, by the way, and check caulking around the shower head and in the bathtub. Remove the shower head and clean any sediment that has built up over the year to prolong its life and feel a bit cleaner the next time you have a shower. It’s nothing dangerous about the sediment, but it tends to clog up and keep it from working as well as it should.

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Maintaining the exterior of your home

Although you’d like to keep the inside of your home in tip-top shape to ensure it’s comfortable and cosy to live in, it’s really important to maintain the exterior of your house too. Your garden, roof, and exterior walls are the first things a potential buyer will see when viewing your house, and they may form an opinion long before having actually entered the property. The more you manage to keep it up to date until it’s time to sell, the less it will cost you later on, by the way, so get started this year already.

Since winter is fast approaching, it’s a good idea to have a look at your roof. Loose tiles may be a hazard in these extreme weather conditions, and you don’t want anything to fly off and hit an unfortunate someone who just happened to be passing by. When the first snow finally falls, it may even cause damage to the interior of your home as a faulty roof means leakages as well an entrance for termites and other unwanted guests.

Check for dampness in your roof if you suspect that you may already have this problem, by the way, and give Go-Forth Pest Control a call right away to prevent any further damages to your property. A problem like this that is left unattended will put a huge financial strain on your home, so look for the signs of termite problems and make sure your roof is working as it should.

The same goes for your windows, by the way, and you’ll thank yourself repeatedly for having looked at this before winter arrives. Not just because a window that isn’t sealed properly will leak out the warm and wonderful air you need during winter – but it’s also another entrance for bugs and termites. Have an inspector over or DIY; just remember that if you do find a problem, duct tape won’t cut it.

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Give your driveway a thorough inspection too, by the way, and look for any cracks that may develop when the frost sets in. Even if they look small and innocent now, they have the potential to grow tremendously when the frost sets in – and you really don’t want to deal with the damage after this. Have it sealed before it gets expensive, and get your winter gear ready to shovel away all the snow as well.

It just makes it a bit easier to get out there and sprinkle salt or pebbles on the snow when it gets proper cold outside, and you’ll avoid any accidents as well. Be a good housekeeper this year and make sure your family is safe when stepping outside.


Clean your basement

Since everything we put into our basements tends to be ignored, neglected, and sadly overlooked when it’s time to tidy up, it’s no wonder that the entire basement is just as neglected. It can actually cause major problems for your home after a couple of years, by the way; when your basement first starts to slope, the rest of the house is quick to follow.

Don’t ignore the needs of your basement this year. Give it a proper inspection at least once a year and make sure nothing is about to leak, mold, or creep up on you out of nowhere. When you manage to clean it properly and remove any signs of moisture, you may even find that you have an additional compartment to your home that can be used for more than mere storage – turn it into a teenager’s den instead, a man cave or even a she-shed, and you’ll be much happier about cleaning and keeping it up to date.

However extensive the list above may be, it’s hardly enough to cover everything you should take care of in your home. By forgetting about it, you might be able to save yourself the trouble momentarily, but you’ll be paying up in a few years – and your home deserves better, after all.

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