Bestie’s Knee Surgery

Bestie's Knee Surgery

I just recently moved back to the Midwest after living in California for almost 10 years. It is a blessing to be so near family again, you do not realize how much it stinks NOT having them around, until you have no other options. You rely on friends that become family, and sometimes it is just amazing that way!

My Bestie, who still lives in California, was scheduled to have knee surgery. It is a pretty invasive surgery she was having and she asked me to come and help out. She is incredibly lucky that I came along with her Mother-In-Law. Her MIL took care of her kiddos and I just focused on helping my Bestie!

Bestie's Knee Surgery

My flight was 2 days before the surgery, so it gave us time to go out and just enjoy time together. The flight was pretty bumpy over the ocean, as we were preparing to land in California. Other than that, my flight was full of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Gone with the Wind. Did not get to finish Gone with the Wind, but I was cool with that. Finished it up on the way back through. One of my favorite books and the movie is amazing as well.

We hugged and half cried and chattered all the way to her place about all the things we had done in the past 6 weeks, that was forgotten in FaceTime calls and text messages. We picked up where we left off. Went out for drinks, food, and buying things that she would need while recuperating. The next day we got her room ready and did a bit more shopping, because that is something we do.

The morning of her surgery, she was freaking out and so was I. Of course I had to put up a strong front for her. Her surgery went great, but there was some issues with pain management. Regardless we got her home safe and sound and I had alarms for her meds and was prepared at a moments notice for anytime she needed to get up or needed something.

Other than our trip to the ER because she was scared she messed up her surgery, everything went wonderfully. Also for your own knowledge, she just pulled a muscle nothing with her surgery. It was a quick week and went by too fast. The flight home was uneventful, but I was so happy to see Bean and Bug running to me in the airport for giant hugs. I missed them so much, had to grab them candy and books in the gift shop at the airport. Kids think you are on a trip and they should get souvenirs, who am I to disappoint them?

The trip was not a luxury trip, but I was so happy to be there for her.



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