The Best Gadgets For Bolstering Home Security

We live in an age of high technology. Once upon a time, that technology was safely contained in our computers and devices. But today, it’s sprawling out into virtually every aspect of our lives, including our homes.

For many, this might seem like an omen of the end times. But for homeowners, especially those with families, it’s actually a massive benefit, and here’s why. Every since micro circuits, cameras and sensors got cheap, it’s been possible for regular families to have high-tech security systems to protect themselves against intrusion. Even if somebody does manage to somehow break into your home, they still don’t have free rein. With today’s smart technology, their every move is recorded and can be used as evidence against them if they go to court.

What’s more, technology is also getting better and preventing and deterring crime. Smart doorbells, for instance, help to put off burglars who only break into homes when nobody is home. Thus, the options for homeowners who spend long periods away from their properties are improving. says that the remote security monitoring market has also expanded vastly over the last few years, providing owners with a new “security-as-a-service” product through the cloud.

Here are some technologies you might want to try out in your home.

Motion Detectors

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As discussed the price of sensors has come down enormously over the last couple of decades, thanks to the global smartphone marketing. Practically every sensor you can imagine is about 100 times smaller and 4 times cheaper than in the past, including motion sensors according to

From a home security perspective, that’s great news. Devices, like the 1byOne driveway alert system, can detect whether somebody has entered your property while you’re away.

The unit works using two principal components. The first is that sensor, a sort of scanning beam which is able to detect movement up to 20 feet. The second part of the device is the emitter which will send a signal to a receiver inside your home which will art you to movement outside your property.

Garage Door Monitors


If you’ve ever left your home, wondering whether you remembered to close the garage door or not, you may be in luck. Several garage door monitor companies, including MyQ, have developed a system which allows you to remotely monitor your door from your smartphone. The system works by connected a sensor to the WiFi and your remote monitoring app. If a stray cat, for instance, triggers the motion sensor on your garage door as you’re leaving and opens the door, the MyQ system will send you an alert. You can’t close your garage door remotely yet, but at least the app gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid unnecessary trips back to your home.

Doorbell Video Sensors

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Finally, doorbell video capture devices are making a big impact on home security by alerting owners whenever somebody approaches their property. Owners can give instructions to delivery people, as well as talk to unsolicited callers, all through the device.

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