Best Dinotrux Toys This Holiday!

Bug, my youngest, is in love with Dinotrux. She has watched all of the episodes available on Netflix at least 15 times. I get the theme song stuck in my head on a regular basis. I love that my daughter gets a thrill out of the show, she is in love with trucks and dinosaurs. She loves to play along while she watches the show. For her birthday I got her a little Ty Rux toy and it sits next to her bed every night. Sometimes in the middle of the night I can hear him roar, because she is playing and not sleeping.

This year for Christmas I decided to get her a few Dinotrux toys that I think she will love. I think she will enjoy Dinotrux Vehicle Ty Rux, because he is her favorite! I love his cute little arms, and they actually move. The best part is the roaring and phrases he will say when you push him around and open his mouth. He even has wheels that will allow your kid to play out scenes from their favorite episodes!

Ton-Ton is one of Bug’s favorite, I am guessing it is because he can dump stuff around. That would also explain the need to dump out all of her toy bins after watching an episode with Ton-Ton. So that is why I figure Dinotrux Pullback Ton-Ton will be a huge hit! As the name implies you pull it back and it zooms away. The head and dump truck parts all move as well! It will certainly make any kids day to find this under the tree Christmas morning!

I love the play sets they have for Dinotrux. I really think my daughter will love opening up Smash & Slide Construction Site Christmas morning and then I bet we will be smashing and sliding for months afterwards. I think it is nice that you can get other sets and bring them all together to recreate favorite episodes or even create your own stories. I am thinking we will have to get a few other vehicles to add to the set and perhaps use to stuff in her stocking. Dinotrux will be making my daughter’s Christmas even more magical this year!

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