Bellossoms Book 1 & 2 Review


The holidays are coming and it is time to start figuring out what to give people on your lists this year. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult, but I suggest books whenever possible. Reading can take you to new places and you can have new experiences and adventures without getting off the couch, there is no better gift.

Bellossoms Arctic Adventure

I recently read Bellossoms Book 1: Arctic Adventure & Book 2: Rain or Shine, and I really enjoyed them. You follow the Bellossoms on their adventures and see the awesome artwork with the stories. I think the Bellossoms are adorable and I love flipping the pages to see what they do next.

Bellossoms Rain or Shine

My daughter really enjoyed each book and it even got her reading. She has been struggling for a while and I am always looking for books she will like that will get her to try reading as something enjoyable and she really loved these books and they are now on her nightstand in her room so she can read them whenever she likes.

I think this would make a great gift for any girl this holiday season! So wrap them up and get them under the tree!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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