A Bathroom that Stays Cleaner For Longer

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Forget the kitchen, discard the living room and ignore the dining room because it’s the bathroom that you really want to keep glistening more than any other room in your house. It’s the one room in your home that gets used by everyone, old and young, big and small. It’s the room everyone rushes too first thing in the morning before leaving the home and the last place they stop by when it comes to bedtime to do all that teeth-brushing and face-washing stuff.

The problem is: the bathroom tends to be one of the most tricky to clean. It only takes the littlest bit of grime or muck to make your bathroom feel a touch gross.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some amazing tips and tricks to help you get more out of your cleaning efforts and make that high-traffic room feel so fresh for so long. Enjoy.

Make Mincemeat Of Mildew Stains

We all know how rubbish mildew stains look in a shower cubicle, but there is a simple way to stop them in their tracks, and that’s to keep the shower dry. Our advice is to set this simple rule: the last one in the shower wipes down the walls with a sponge or squeegee. We’re talking walls, tub, door, everything. It only takes a couple of minutes, but it will help you out big time in the long run.

Focus On The Details

It’s the little giveaways in a bathroom that make it look gross. It’s things like that strip of dark mold around the edge of the bath and shower, dirty faucets and those horrible hard to clean bits around the loo seat hinges. They’re the places you need to do battle with. So, get in touch with someone who specializes in mold abatement, give those tap faucets a quick polish once or twice a week and buy yourself a detachable loo seat to make that gross ring of yuckiness easy to get rid of.

Arm Yourself With Water Repellent

Yup, another super-duper way to stop your bathroom looking a little, well, “meh”, is to coat the shower walls and door with water repellent. Products like EnduroShield and RainX, which basically encourage water, minerals and soap scum to run off down the drain. Obviously, this is good news. This is really good news. This means there is a whole lot less for you to scrub away.

No Bars Allowed

Yeah, no bars of soap should be left on or by your sink because, let’s be honest, they just create a mess. The answer: get yourself a liquid soap with a pump or get yourself a kind of hands-free soap dispenser instead, the kind that you might find on a hospital wall. Even if you currently use a soap dish on your counter top, it will look grimy and that’s not a word people want to associate with a bathroom. Ever.

Create Some Cabinet Order

It’s one of the most simple and most effective things you can do to a bathroom, especially a small one, but creating order in your cabinets and drawers will eliminate clutter and instill a sense of cleanliness. It’s giving everything a place. That’s all.

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