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Holidays are a great time to find gifts perfect for anyone! I especially love gifts that fit neatly in a stocking, as I stuff many stockings over the holidays. Seems there is never a shortage of stockings and sometimes their can be a shortage of great gifts to include in them. So I am always looking for something that fits and is yet spectacular.

Bananagrams Appletters

I enjoy finding educational games. As a mother who home schools her kids, I am always looking for new games that exercise my childrens minds without them fully knowing about it. If I can find a game that is fun and gets them learning I am all about it! BANANAGRAMS does just that with loads of games! I really loved Appletters, because it helps early readers to practice spelling and reading.

Appletters is easy to learn and fun to play and perfect for kids 5 and over. I love that you get random letters and the first person to goes starts by putting a word together with their letters, and the next person up has to come up with a word that ends or begins with the first or last letter of that word. It keeps going until someone runs out of tiles!

My kids and I had a blast playing this game and it helped my daughter who is struggling with reading. It really has her practicing her spelling skills and to me that is a gift. I love anything that can make my daughter have confidence in herself when it comes to reading words and spelling them. It is a game that is excellent for all ages and can help the younger set grow into learning so much!

So when looking for a gift perfect for anyone or perhaps someone younger who is learning to read, think of Appletters. It is a fun game that can fit in a stocking or nicely under the tree! Great for all ages and so much fun, I hope you get or give this for the holidays and get to play with your family. So many memories and learning opportunities with this and I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on that.

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