Awesome Advice To Plan the Perfect Playroom


If you are lucky enough to have a room or basement area going spare in your home, have you ever thought of creating a playroom for your kids? There are plenty of reasons why people dedicate an entire space to their little ones, and they often become the favorite room of the house – for parents as much as children. Not only does it give your kids a perfect place for indulging their imaginations and learning through play, but it also keeps the rest of the home clear of clutter!

So, today, we’re going to go through some simple advice on how to plan the perfect playroom for your kids. Whether the focus is on watching educational TV shows, playing games, reading or just a safe space for all of these activities and a whole lot more besides, there are a few things you need to consider. Let’s take a closer look at all your options.


To DIY or not?

OK, so regardless of your DIY skills around the home, it’s important to know your limits when it comes to creating a playroom. There are a few things you should think about before getting stuck in. First of all, are you imaginative enough to create a space that your children actually want to spend time in? Even though DIY is cheaper than hiring a professional, the reality is that you will still end up paying a decent amount of hard earned cash of materials, fittings and furniture. You don’t want to waste it.

Secondly, do you have the right tools to create the perfect finish on every single item in that room? Safety has to be your number one concern when designing a playroom no matter how old your kids are. The smallest splinter or exposed nail could cause your little ones a lot of pain and injury. If you aren’t confident – or feel overconfident, in fact – think twice before DIY activities in any area where safety is vital.


Do you have space?

Another important question to ask yourself is whether or not you actually have enough room to create a playroom. Again, you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it if there just isn’t enough room for your kids to move around and create a significant amount of mess. What works for a small home office may not work for a playroom – it’s that simple.

I’m not saying a small room can’t be used as a playroom, but it will definitely require a lot more thought. You’ll need to be savvy with storage solutions, fold-away tables and chairs if you want to create enough floor space for your kids to enjoy winding wooden train lines or lay down teddy bears picnics for all their toys.



Storage and labels

Now, let’s get into some of the real suggestions. First of all, as we discussed above, the more effort you put into storage, the better. A kid’s playroom is going to get incredibly messy in a short space of time, so having easily accessible storage everywhere is a wise move.

Similarly, you will help yourself – and your kids – out a lot by labeling your storage correctly, When your little ones are toddlers, you could use picture labels, so they know where to put everything, and as they get older you can swap these out for real words to help them with their reading.


Decor and furniture

There’s no need to go mad on buying expensive furniture and decorations – they will likely get trashed in no time at all. In fact, as long as the paint you use on the walls is free from toxins, go for the cheapest option possible – and allow your children the opportunity to decorate it themselves with pens, safe paints, and stickers. Drawing on walls is often how kids learn to express themselves, and having a particular place to do it can usually mean they won’t try it elsewhere!

With regards to furniture, again, it’s got to be safety first. The chances are that your kids will use the room unaccompanied, so make sure all sharp edges are well out of the way, and also that your bookcases and cupboards are all securely attached to the wall. Chairs can be a hazard, too, so either buy appropriate sizes or find out more about bean bag furniture. Not only are they fantastic for kids to use while relaxing with a good book, but they are incredibly safe.


Things to avoid

What you don’t want to happen to your playroom is to allow it to become an entertainment hub. It’s best, then, to avoid things like TVs, computer screens and tablets, or you will quickly find that the room starts getting exclusively used for consuming rather than real, actual play. Instead, focus on books, which should always be within easy reach, and dress-up clothes the little ones can use to let their imaginations run wild. TV and gaming aren’t necessarily bad per se, but it does need to be controlled – so keep those for other areas of the home.

It’s also worth limiting the number of toys you have in the playroom. Perhaps discuss with your kids that when they get something new, they choose something they don’t play with anymore and pass it on to someone else, or even to charity. Ultimately, the amount of toys you have in the room will have to be matched with investment in storage – which can quickly get expensive!

OK, so there you have it – plenty of bright ideas for creating the perfect kid’s playroom in the home. Whether you create the space yourself or hire in a professional, it’s important to have a good plan in place first. Not only will it help you make the playroom to perfection, but it will also help you watch your budget and ensure your little one’s safety. Don’t forget, however, is that the main point of a playroom is to allow your children a space for themselves that they can own and start being responsible for. A good playroom can help them increase their imagination, teach them about tidying up, and how to have fun without relying on computers and TVs. Good luck!

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