Avoid Being THOSE Neighbors

Neighbors. Unless you live in the remotest of rural locations, you simply can’t avoid them, which is why it is so important that we all try to be considerate of others’ needs and try to get along with them.

Sadly, most of us will have had the misfortune of living with a neighbor from hell. You know the type – they turn their music up to 11 morning, noon and night, refuse to dispose of their trash responsibly and ignore all of those unspoken boundaries between neighbors. Sound familiar? If not, could it be that you are one of THOSE neighbors that have half the street running to the local real estate office to sell their homes and get as far away from you as is humanly possible! Yes really!

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Don’t believe it? Check out these common factors that make a person one of THOSE neighbors. Even if just one applies to you, it’s time to start fixing your relationships!

You Play Your Music Loud

Sure, we all like to rock out to our favorite tunes, and it wouldn’t be as much fun if we played them at a whisper, but if you’re that person who turns the speakers up so loud that the room is shaking, and you do this at all hours of the day and night, you could be THAT neighbor.

Solution: If you simply can’t live with loud music in your life, buy a decent set of headphones and you won’t even miss having the stereo turned right up because they will be even louder and only you will be able to hear them!

Other Noise Nuisances

Ok, so maybe you don’t play your music so loud, but do you leave your dog to bark in the yard all day, leave your engine ticking in the middle of the night while you chat to your buddy or yell at your spouse on a daily basis? You’re probably not the most loved person on your street.

Solution: Do what you can to minimize noise from your home, whether that is bringing the dog indoors, using your inside voice even when you’re angry or turning that dang engine off!

You Block Out the Sun

If you’ve planted so many huge trees and shrubs that you’ve blocked out the available sun for half your block, you aren’t going to be Mr or Ms. Popularity. Most people like seeing some daylight in their own homes y’know. Blocking out a pretty view is almost as bad as blocking out the sun, so don’t do that either!

Solution: Plant shrubs and trees that don’t grow so big and ensure you regularly prune any trees that are already in your garden.

You Hoard Your Stuff

You might have a sentimental attachment to every book, toy and piece of clothing you’ve ever owned, but your neighbors don’t, and they probably won’t be happy if every inch of your property is packed with boxed up old stuff, overgrown lawn space and the critters that are attracted.

Solution: Do some decluttering. When you take inventory of all the stuff you have, it will soon become apparent that you don’t need most of it. You don’t have to throw it all out – just control it. If you find it impossible to get rid of anything, a visit with a professional may be of help.

How did you do? Are you one of THOSE neighbors or do you know someone else who fits the bill?

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