How To Avoid Being Bankrupted By Your Bills

Family life contains a lot of tasks and responsibilities, some of which must be done on a daily basis. It can be very easy to ignore these responsibilities – some of them – but for the rest, you can’t. You’re in charge of feeding, safety and the fun in the family, but you’re also in charge of the purse strings. Yes, money – believe it or not it isn’t unlimited. You will have a finite cash stream coming in from month to month and this won’t grow at all unless you start to earn money. Being in charge of a family means you need to find ways to get more from the family income.


This means being one thing – unless you are a lottery winner – it means being frugal. There are plenty of ways to be frugal and in control of your cash – that links plenty of families, but do you know what else links a whole bunch of families? Bills. We all need to pay bills to give our families the modern day luxuries and necessities that we all deserve – however we have to pay the providers. If you take a look at your budget, you might find that it is your bills that are dragging you down. Bills, you see, are expensive things! We pay our energy bills, our phone bill – they don’t get smaller either.

If bills are something that is clearly dragging your finances, and your mood, downwards – you need to rectify that. You need to take control of the money going out of your house!

In the first instance, keep a record of what you are buying and what for. There are plenty of bills that we have direct control over through usage. Electricity is the main one. If we limit our use of electricity (which might mean less late night game sessions, and actually turning your equipment off), your bills will be lower – we do have direct control over this. This might be the case for water as well depending on your contract with the local supplier. Keep in mind that some supplier contracts will charge massive premiums if you break your agreed usage. This is common with phone contracts – if you use more data or minutes than agreed, you’ll be charged heavily. Make sure you always, always stay within your usage limits.

Also, make sure to shop around – if you can find a better supplier deal for anything from your electricity to your internet service provider, don’t be afraid to make the switch. Suppliers do not tend to reward loyalty. Ask questions of your bills, and if you believe that someone like Stream Energy could give you a better deal on your current electric provider, make the switch! Do your research and find better deals – otherwise you’ll be locked into big bills.

If you do want to stay loyal to a provider, negotiate. There’s a lot that you can learn from the world of business here. Use the prices of other suppliers as your main weapon and threaten to leave if you aren’t given a better deal. Sometimes you’ll have little to no leverage, but it is something to think about.


Big bills can cripple your cash, so don’t stay locked into a contract that isn’t rewarding you. Don’t be afraid to make big changes with your providers.

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