Arlo HD Security System by NETGEAR

I am all about home security and I also like to play with camera’s for live streams I like to create. I have always loved NETGEAR products, I can’t use anything other than their routers. Currently they now make Security Cameras for your home. I tried out the Arlo HD Security System with two cameras. I must say, I really enjoy this security system. Arlo gives me peace of mind in different places in my home, and outside my home.

There are a few interesting features with the Arlo Security System, it is waterproof. This means you can place it outside with no worries about if it gets wet. The Arlo cameras can also withstand temperatures up to 122 degrees and down to 14 degrees. The only time I need to bring this inside, if I have it outside, is when it dips too low in temperatures. So for me that would be bringing it inside from December to late February. The only requirements that are needed for this security system is high speed internet and an available port on your router.

The video is HD quality that sees 110 degrees and even has Night Vision! You can set it up to have motion detection and you will receive alerts letting you know there was movement. You even receive 7 days of free recordings on their cloud along with other upgrades that are available. How could you go wrong with HD quality camera that is completely wireless and you can even see video when it is dark!

The system comes with 2 cameras, the home base station(w/ power cord) and everything you need to mount your cameras! So you plug the home base station into your router and then you connect the cameras and set them up where you want them. You can use the app on your phone or tablet and you can watch right on your computer as well. It is super handy for all of your home security needs and simple to install!

Arlo HD Security System is amazing, put them up near doors and see who is there, and put them over your driveway or watching your garage door. So many possibilities when it comes to the security of your home. You can put them anywhere that you want, and no wires are required! Did I also mention that you can see what is going on, on their mobile app? It is worth mentioning again – You can get the mobile app on your phone and log in anytime you want, and even receive your movement alerts directly on your phone and check in, right away.

One other fun thing about Arlo HD Security System is the non-security related things you can use it for. I suppose you could still put them on the list of “security,” but it is more peace of mind for me. I have used these camera’s in my baby’s room and also put it facing my dog’s crate when I am away from home. To be fair, my baby is not much of a baby anymore, but she gets up to some crazy shenanigans in her room, so I like to peak in and make sure she is okay and hopefully, asleep. My dog has managed to break out of her cage a time or two and after some trial and error we have managed to make her crate break-proof, so far. So I was just checking in to make sure she was not breaking out or hurting herself.

One other fun thing I have used these camera’s for, was a cooking show on my live streams. I did a couple cooking shows, and this gave the over the food camera angle I needed and it worked out really well. So if you are into that sort of thing, this is also an option for you. I set it up in my broadcasting software and made flour-less peanut butter cookies and  a carrot cake on another show. Both delicious and I may have to share the recipes sometimes. Disclaimer: all my baking is gluten free. 

You can not go wrong with Netgear’s Arlo HD Security System, when looking for security for your home. The versatility of the cameras, having the option to see in high definition with night vision even. Top that all off with being able to grab your smart phone and seeing in on the camera’s whenever you wish to, or you get a notification. After using this system, I can never go back to using anything else, or being without them!

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