Allowance-friendly Gifts For Kids

Kids often want to buy gifts for family and friends, but their allowance means that it’s up to the ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ to help them out. Why not give them a list of allowance-friendly gifts instead? That way they can still give a great gift that they can afford while learning a good lesson about budgeting too. Take a look at these great suggestions.

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Flowers are a great gift for kids to give moms, grandparents, teachers or anyone. You can pick up flowers to suit every budget in different stores, or if you want to give them a helping hand, let them pick flowers from the garden, and they can use their money to buy a nice vase to accompany them instead.

A personalized gift

A personalized gift is ideal for children to give to friends and relatives. From t-shirts and tea towels to engraved and etched glasses, there are endless possibilities for things they can buy. This is a great idea for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or for them to give to friends for birthdays. As there are different options available to suit different budgets, you can help them choose the best gift and make sure everything is spelt correctly when you place the order!

Something homemade

Homemade gifts are great in a pinch, especially if you’ve got a bored child who needs an activity! Whether it involves making a frame full of photos and memories or paper flowers, handmade gifts can be really special for children to make. Handmade gift ideas for kids on Pinterest can be a great place to find inspiration for crafts that are easy to make at home that kids will be excited to give to loved ones.


Books are another affordable gift that can mean a lot to someone, and with many people not buying books anymore and relying on digital media instead – it’s a lovely way to get people to read or share a great book that is a must-read. One of the best ways to give a book is to write an inscription inside which can make it more personal and will give the recipient something lovely to remember who it was from.

Small home gifts and accessories

Thanks to places like eBay, Amazon and Target, you can pick up some great home gifts at affordable prices that are ideal presents for friends and family, particularly older children who begin to take more of an interest in how their bedroom looks! Next time you go shopping, take them with you to help them choose something – they’ll love picking out something themselves, and it’s a useful gift that others will appreciate too.

If your kids are looking for ways to earn extra money to buy gifts, or things for themselves, why not get them to help out around the house in return for extra allowance? This is a fantastic way to teach them about earning money and saving, while also helping them to spend responsibly.

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