Adapt Your Home for Older People: Simple Steps

Looking after your elderly relative can bring you constant worry. Find out how you can help them get on with everyday life at home.

Step-Free Entrance

The last thing you would like to do is restrict your elderly relative to their home. Make sure that they can get out if they struggle with steps. Make all entrance steps-free. If you cannot get a ramp created, invest in a wheelchair lift or a temporary ramp. Alternatively, if your relative is fairly mobile, you can get some rails installed next to the steps. This way they can get in and out of the house and go for a walk using their wheelchairs or walking sticks.

Accessible Bathroom

One of the main issues with elderly people is that they don’t like giving up their dignity and independence.  You can help them look after themselves by modifying the bathroom for their needs. Get a low entrance bath, rails, and toilet seat boosters to help them take care of their personal hygiene. Don’t forget to install an alarm in the bath in case they fall or injure themselves, and make sure that the door can be opened from the outside. Senior friendly bathrooms have lever faucets, grab rails, and thick cushioning.

Alarms for the Elderly

If your elderly relative insists on living on their own and want to look after themselves, a good way of ensuring that they stay safe is to install alarms or telephones in every room. This way they will feel safe in their home and can contact emergency services or family members if they need help. Alarms can be provided by home care services or your local doctor’s surgery. If you work all day you want to make sure that your elderly relative has multiple phone numbers stored in their telephone to contact in case of emergency.

Support and  Rails Around the House

When people get older their joints are not as flexible as they were before. They can seize up and it can be painful to stand up or sit down on a low chair. You can get some recliner chairs that will make the process easier, but remember that your loved one will need to get around the house alone. Install rails in every room, for example, in the kitchen where they stand while they warm up their food or make a cup of coffee. Rails are inexpensive ways of making the home suitable for elderly or disabled people.

Arrange Home Care

“National Care Home Open Day” by CQC Press Office is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you spend days away from your elderly loved one, you want to get a peace of mind that they are safe and somebody checks on them regularly. You can get a trained professional to visit every day. If your relative is having problems looking after themselves, however, you might consider getting Live In Care Services for them to help with everyday tasks. This way they can stay in their own home and get to talk to somebody about their worries and concerns.

Whenever you are worried about how your elderly relative gets on living at home, you should look for ways to improve their life and allow them to stay independent for a long time.

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