Being Active In The Rain To Wash Away Emotional Baggage

Exercise has many different benefits to our lives and bodies. Some of them aren’t always apparent because they are more mental than physical. It’s a great contrast between what we normally perceive sport and activity to give us because we expect the results to all be unto our bodies. However, sometimes the odd formalities that we wouldn’t otherwise engage in begin to make sense the older we get. Running in the rain is seen as purifying yourself to many people because it opens you up harsh realities and strengthens your fortitude at the same time. Of course one wouldn’t want to run outside when it’s absolutely pouring down but a gentle and consistent rain, is something that shouldn’t be cause for staying at home. The weather doesn’t always have to be perfect to go for a job either, and putting too many high expectations on the sun and clear by skies is not without naivety. There are some ways running in the rain would help to relieve you of stress.

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The contrast to clear

It becomes a habit always to want to go for a jog in the sunshine and cool breezes because there’s not much chance of being uncomfortable. However, in contrast, the rain itself is another layer of testing yourself. When the sky is clear, and there isn’t a cloud to be seen the pavement and the route you run, whether it’s around the block or in the park, is steady. You can see where you’re putting your feet and nothing is out of the ordinary. But when it rains, the ground beneath you is challenging to coordinate. The surface may be slightly slippery, and the puddles or pooled water cause you to not just run in a straight line but be agile and move around. Suddenly running becomes much more focusing and almost hypnotic. You’re in tune with your body and mind to muscle connection, which allows you to let your problems in life fade if just for the time being and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.


Clothing while trekking

Of course what makes the experience even more enjoyable is the fact that the rainwater doesn’t seep into your pores if you have the right kind of clothing. You can buy a waterproof or windbreaker kind of jacket that is great in two ways. You’ll still be able to sweat and not overheat, and you’ll be protecting your skin from being drenched which leads to discomfort and clothes sticking on your body. Footwear is also important so read about waterproof walking shoes, and find out what kind of pair is right for you. This kind of supportive yet comfortably padded shoe type is great for trekking, especially in the woods around autumn time. What’s also great is that although the shoe has enough padding, the design and construction is such that the shoe remains lightweight. Also being waterproof, you can feel free to pick up the pace and splash into a few standing pools of water instead of zigzagging in the park or on forest footpath.

Find the right kind of route

You should have a route that you can job for when it’s raining and a different route for when it’s dry. You may only want to be out for a short period of time, therefore jogging, walking or running route that is shorter makes perfect sense. You could also frame the path as you want and avoid areas in your local area where you know puddles that are too large to avoid getting your feet wet in, might lay. Also, you can plot moments of the path where you can rest and possibly sit. If you have a park with a river or pond, you can watch the natural wildlife and slowly let slip your emotional baggage that you carry around. Breathing in the air of the wet grass and watching the fish swim around can be quite relaxing. After a few short minutes of rest, the shorter path will lead you home.

Being active in the rain is soothing because with modern clothes you won’t get soaked, but you can still enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. Whether you’re trekking in the forest or simply want to go out for a job to clear your mind, it’s vital to have a shorter running or walking path that allows you to get home quicker. By only going out for a job during sunshine and clear skies, you’re missing out by not embracing nature and the power of rainfall that can improve your mind to muscle connection.

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