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The Founder of Moms Gone Nerdy is Wren. She has blogged in the past, but life became a bit complicated with her husband deployed, a new baby, and homeschooling her oldest. She became burnt out and took a very long break. After moving across the country with all her belongings in a moving truck and her truck stuffed with 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 fish, a dog, a hamster & her chinchilla, she is ready to make a fresh start and focus on being close with her family and trying to branch out into blogging again.

Wren also has a site dedicated to her gaming on Twitch, Beam and On YouTube. She is known mostly as Leo or Leotastic and she loves to chat with her viewers on Facebook & Twitter. She also has been known to over share on Instagram. She loves gaming, watching movies, reading, crocheting, being outside, photography and spending time with her family. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay at Moms Gone Nerdy!

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