7 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

As the cost of living continues to rise and energy companies continue to hike their prices, what we spend on heating is a concern for many of us. Heating bills are up to 22% more expensive than they were just a few short years ago and the startling truth is that many people have to choose between food and heat over the winter months. However, there are many things that you can do to reduce the costs of heating your home. Here are some of the best.

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Replace Your Windows

While replacing your windows and doors is an expensive, over the next few winters it could save you a fortune and is a worthwhile investment. Over time, seals and locks deteriorate, and the glass becomes weather damaged, making replacement windows one of the best ways to ensure your home is keeping heat in as well as it can.

Shut Doors

Shutting doors is another way to ensure heat stays in your home. Close outside doors as soon as you come in. Then, close inside doors once you are settled to make sure the heat you generate stays in the room with you. You could also turn radiators off in rooms that you don’t use so that you are only heating the rooms that you need to.

Stop Draught

Draught can be a huge problem, especially in older homes. Make some draught excluders for all of your doors and consider thick, lined curtains across doorways.

Then, go around your home and literally feel for a breeze. If you feel anything, find the source and see if there is anything you can do to stop it. You may be able to fill a hole or add another excluder. Don’t just assume your doors are the only areas that let the draught in.

Add Texture

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Another great way to keep your home warm is with its décor. A room that looks warm and cozy will automatically make you feel warmer. Include blankets, cushions and other soft furnishings in your décor. Make sure there is plenty of texture and that your rooms look inviting with lots of options to keep you warm.

Turn Your Thermostat Down

Turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree can save you hundreds of dollars every year, and you probably won’t even notice. You’re effective just wasting money if you don’t.

Wrap Up

Another great thing about the cooler months is the fashion. Stock up on lovely winter jumpers and thick, cozy pajamas. Get some fluffy slippers and spend your time snuggled up in a blanket. While it’s nice to have a warm home, by wrapping up, you could knock the thermostat down another degree and save even more money.

Close Curtains

Invest in some lined curtains, making sure they are long enough to cover the whole window area, and then close them as soon as the sun starts to go down. This is an easy way to keep the warmth in your home in the evenings and overnight.

Other great ways to save money include replacing your boiler, insulating your loft and switching suppliers. Think about what you can do and start getting into great habits.

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