5 Ways To Get Your Kids Outdoors This Winter

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Winter is upon us, and whilst this time of year can be a magical time for children, it can also be a time of inactivity and staying curled up indoors.  There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas to encourage your children playing outside, but it’s often way too tempting to veg out in front of the TV or a computer game… in the warm, with a cup of hot chocolate.  Here are five cheap and easy ways to get your kids enjoying being outdoors this winter.


Whether this is in a local park or even in your back garden, building a snowman is a timeless winter activity that children love.  Traditionally, you’ll need a carrot for his nose… coal for his eyes and buttons… a twig for his pipe… and a hat / scarf to keep him warm.  If you are planning to build a snowman, then it’s highly recommended to watch The Snowman beforehand in order to embrace the magical nature of this activity.


Kids, and adults, love a snowball fight.  Needless to say, you need to be a little careful with this one, as there can be all sorts of things in snow (e.g. stones, glass, dog poo) so the best advice is to do it somewhere mindful of this… a great option is to find a PDPlay area, which offers some interesting hiding spots and protective shields to deflect incoming snowballs.  No matter where you go, having a snowball fight is a great way to bond, let out tension in a healthy way, and connect as a family.


Looking back on your own childhood, there’s nothing more fun, adventurous and exhilarating than finding a steep hill then hurtling down the snow and ice at break neck speed.  Perhaps, it’s a health and safety nightmare, in that, in reality, there’s probably a lot of accidents waiting to happen – but as long as you are sensible, in terms of picking the right gradient of slope, sledging can be a fun and injury free sport; that is a great way to keep kids active.  It’s also highly interactive, in that, why not let your inner child play on the slopes this winter and get involved yourself – it also means more protection for your child, if they do come a cropper, because you’ll take the brunt of the fall… lucky you!


Depending on how old your children are, perhaps they could help clear snow from the drive, either by sprinkling salt or shoveling snow.  This creates a great sense of contribution that is important for your children and helps lighten your load, whilst keeping them outdoors – it’s a functional way to ensure they get a little light exercise too, which is particularly important after all that christmas food!  Another option, though modern technology has mostly negated the need for this, is to get them involved in scraping the car windows… there’s a sense of instant achievement that comes with this task and a feeling of pride, as they jump in the car, and warm their hands up on the heating vents.


Snow can be a blank canvas that kids love to decorate.  If there’s snow on the ground, a great idea is to fill up an old washing up liquid bottle containing water with a high concentration of food coloring; then create some colorful artwork by spraying the snow with the contraption.

The nice thing about this, is that it can be done in the comfort of your back garden, and embraces the magical nature of the snow – without anyone having to get freezing cold.  One piece of advice is to make sure they are wearing old clothes and gloves though!  A less messy option is to create a snow angel; instant personalized art.

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