5 Things to Do Immediately After Moving Into a New Rental

So you’ve just been handed the keys to your new dream home or a temporary rental that you’re staying in for a short period of time. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to do a few things before you settle in, and we’ve listed the five most important ones to take care of.


Go and greet your neighbors

If possible, try and greet your neighbors as soon as possible. You want to try and fit into the local area as quickly as you can so you can integrate into the community. Be friendly and approachable and you’ll quickly make friends. Your first impressions will matter, but so will theirs. If you come across people that you don’t like on the first day, then it will be clear who you should avoid in the future. If you find it difficult to speak to people, then try to break the ice with a simple “hey, I just moved in” comment.

Clean out the hidden parts of the home

When you first visited the rental, you probably checked for immediate signs of dirt and grime to see how well the place was kept. However, you probably didn’t have access to the more confined spaces like closets, cupboards, air conditioning vents and so on. To clean out these areas of the home, you may need specialized services such as an air duct cleaning request or perhaps even pest control if you find something questionable. It’s frustrating to be forced to perform further maintenance and cleaning, but you may be able to shave off the costs by speaking to your landlord.


Ensure all of your utilities are working correctly

Double-check that all of your utilities and appliances are working. For instance, do a quick wash with the washing machine and test the tumble dryer. If there’s anything broken, contact your landlord immediately to get it fixed. Basic utilities such as gas, water and electricity are easy to test for, but if you notice them going haywire then immediately speak to your landlord because this could disrupt your living quality. It’s also important to cancel the utilities at your previous household so you don’t accidentally pay for it.

Update your address

Make sure you contact all of the important services that you can think of. This could be your phone carrier, internet provider or even your employer. Learn your new address (and perhaps phone number if you decided to rent a landline) and keep businesses updated by submitting your new address. It’s important to get your address updated so that your mail can arrive at your new location.

Add finishing touches to make it feel like a home

You’ve probably unpacked already, but it’s a good idea to put up decorations and other small trinkets that make your home feel like a home again. For instance, you should hang up pictures of your loved ones and friends, you could place your favorite scents around the home and also customize it with your favorite cushions, paintings and other decorations

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