40 Inch Foldable Photo Studio Review

Hammacher Schlemmer

I take photos of a lot of things in my line of work and also when I try to sell things online. I want them to look nice and professional, because I am always trying to be a perfectionist at it. Plus I want people to love my photos and of course when I sell things, love what I am selling. Sometimes I can not find the right setting in my home for something and I need a little extra help.

Foldable Photo Studio

Hammacher Schlemmer has a really nice 40 Inch Foldable Photo Studio that I absolutely adore! I have been able to take photos of a few things to sell and it really makes mine pop out over other people who don’t have such a nice setup. I think one of my favorite features is the fact that I can fold it up and store it away. I do not like a lot of clutter out and about when not in use. The lights and everything fit in a black duffel bag that is not difficult to carry.

There are several different backdrop colors (White, Black, Blue & Red) that can help enhance anything you are trying to take a picture of. I really like that, because I want things to pop in my blog and when I decide to sell something. Included is also lights to make sure you have optimal lighting for your picture taking.

Foldable Photo Studio

I think this would make an excellent gift for anyone on your list that enjoys taking pictures, creates things to sell online or just want to sell things they have online that they maybe don’t use. It will help them to sell or just really enjoy their pictures fully with the right lighting and backdrops!

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