4 Things to Check Before You Buy Your Dream Home

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Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make – and it’s a purchase that goes beyond the financial considerations and into the emotional. This could be home – a place to raise a family and create memories. This charges the whole thing with many layers of meaning, and there’s a lot at stake. So it’s only right to understand the basics that you’ll need to consider in purchasing. You could save a lot of future heartbreak and unexpected expense that way.

Disregard the décor

Tempting as it is to focus on what you can see right in front of you – dated carpets, ugly wallpaper – those aren’t the things that will cost big to replace in the grand scheme of things. In fact, if you don’t mind a little DIY, then you can sometimes find a real hidden gem. The opposite also applies– don’t let fancy furnishings and upscale finishings distract you from the fundamentals, as these can be used to distract. First of all, take into account costly infrastructure and check its in good repair – the windows and doors and the roof are all of enormous importance as they cost big to replace, and if well maintained they can save you money in energy bills and creeping minor damage. A well-maintained roof can even lower your home insurance costs. Similarly, the heating and air conditioning systems are worth a look. If you do find they need replacing, contact a selection of local suppliers like Fahrenheit HVAC Heating and Cooling for a professional opinion, and factor any cost into the agreed sale price.

Check the lie of the land.

Most people stop at inspecting the building itself, but you also need to consider its situation, what is around the house now and what may be in the future.  You’ll need to know if the property is located in an area that has flooded or been affected by wildfires. If so are there adequate defense measures in place in the local area? Similarly, what are the development plans for the surrounding land? You don’t want to purchase a home with rolling country views only to be unaware of the giant mega-mall scheduled to be built next door in two years time. Scout local news and planning applications to give a more detailed picture of the area if you don’t know it well.

Get Hands-On

This can be an awkward one when it’s not yet your home, but sometimes you can discover after purchase that there are costly repairs that need to be done. So don’t be afraid to get hands-on with the building – you will be spending thousands on it! Try every light, faucet, door, window and toilet flush in the house. Make sure its all working correctly and if it’s not, you need to know why. Sometimes the problem is relatively minor and easy to fix, but other times it can be a clue to a broader problem with the property that you’d be wise to know about before buying.

Get the Professionals In

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help in evaluating your future home. Considering some major remodeling? See if you can go round with a builder to get an idea of the scale and cost of the development, to understand if the house is worth it. Employ a certified home inspector to check for structural integrity and other repairs that may need doing. It’s not that you shouldn’t purchase a home that needs a little work, it’s just that its advisable to go into the process with a clear idea of costs – either as leverage to negotiate a lower purchase price or to have in mind when budgeting for repairs. Knowledge is  power when it comes to buying a home.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be confident that you’ve made a purchase that is worthy of being your dream home

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