The 4 Best Things You Can Do For The Environment This Year

It seems with each passing year we’re given starker and starker reminders about the damage that we as a species are doing to the environment. I’m reminded of the scene from The Matrix in which Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith calmly and affably explains to Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus that while other mammals instinctively seek an equilibrium with their surroundings while the insatiable consumption of the human race and the way in which we burn through our natural resources makes us far more akin to a virus. Hardly how most of us would want our species to be remembered. Indeed, one needn’t go far in works of speculative or science fiction to see examples of how bleak society will eventually look when we’ve abused our natural resources past breaking point. Heck, it’s not even the preserve of science fiction any more. From An Inconvenient Truth to Cowspiracy to A Plastic Ocean there are a range of documentaries released over the past few decades which demonstrate the extent of the damage.

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With that in mind, many people are looking at ways in which they can do their bit for the environment this year. While some of the changes you can make are pretty radical, others are as simple as making different choices at the supermarket.

Reduce your e waste

We all love our tech (some of us a bit too much), but spare a thought to what happens with it after it’s outlived its usefulness. While tech waste or e waste accounts for only 2% of all landfill waste, the toxicity of the internal components mean that it accounts for around 70% of all toxic waste. Therefore, you should never throw so much as a calculator in the trash. Instead donate your used tech to charity, trade it in at a video games store or sell it on ebay.

Stop buying disposable

We live in a disposable society that’s become accustomed to throwing away tons of plastic and assuming that it’ll just go away. Unfortunately plastic almost never goes away. In fact, every toothbrush you’ve ever had in your life is still floating around in the ocean somewhere. If you must buy disposable plastic products at least ensure that they can be recycled after use. If not, there are plenty of reusable or biodegradable alternatives out there. Everything from biodegradable bamboo take out coffee cups to stainless steel drinking straws can help make a difference. You may experience some initial outlay but even if you have to resort to online personal loans no credit check required, it’s worth the investment. These items usually start to pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Buy organic

Conventional food producers maintain that there’s insufficient evidence that buying organic helps the environment but the facts are pretty self evident. Organically farmed foods significantly reduce soil and water pollution as they do not use damaging synthetic chemicals and treatments. It also helps to protect local wildlife and maintain biodiversity.

Cut out animal products

You don’t even have to go full vegan to cut down on your use of animal products (although many people are coming to realize the various environmental and personal benefits of going plant based). Simply cutting out beef can help to make a difference. Farming cattle for their flesh is an inherently wasteful phenomenon since cows require so much land, water and feed yet are able to feed so few when slaughtered. Eliminating or significantly reducing your consumption of meat and dairy products is one of the most meaningful ways you can do your bit for the environment.

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