3 Ways This New Mom Refuses To Stress Christmas

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I haven’t seen Bad Moms 2 yet, but I can already tell I’m going to like it. I’m only 10 months into motherhood and I am over the martyrdom and misery. And if Thanksgiving was any indication, just because I’ve made this decision, doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Now comes the job of educating the rest of the world – and making sure they accept – that I’m not playing the part of the kitchen queen, the shop-til-you-drop-er, or any other role that’s bound to just turn me into a Grinch. Here are three ways I’m not losing my mind over the holidays.

I’m Getting A Room

Yep, you heard it right. My family needs a safe and quiet space to retreat to for little respites amid the holiday madness. Is it going to cost more? Yes. Will it be worth every penny not to be chased around with a breakfast plate and told to drop everything and eat it before it gets cold? Absofreakinglutely. Also, can we say housekeeping? It may feel like a splurge to go the hotel route, but with all the stress the holidays bring, do yourself a favor and give yourself a pass on this one. It will make for a much more enjoyable experience, which is what the holidays are supposed to be about: enjoying each other (not biting off somebody’s head because you haven’t had personal space in three days). Pro tips: Short on car space? Get a bassinet like the Tiny Love 3-in-1 and use it as a sleep spot and a high chair (in the upright position). Also, convertible car seats are your best friend.


I’m Not Signing Up For The Tough Stuff

My family wised up a few years back and we share the labor involved in the holiday meal potluck-style. Because I have a 10-month-old in-tow, I without shame committed to stuff like sodas, rolls and cranberry sauce. The kind of stuff that doesn’t require kitchen logistics. I’ve for many of years slaved in the kitchen for dozens of holiday meals. Now it’s time for me to tend to my daughter without guilt. This goes for any workplace or friend get-togethers as well. If it can fit into an Instant Pot (like the 3 dozen tamales my mother-in-law sent with me), sign me up. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure my hometown has a Boston Market or Luby’s of not enough people are picking up the slack.


Two Words: Online Shopping

You couldn’t find me in a brick and mortar store as I stocked up for my baby’s arrival, and you’re not going to find me in one now. When I need to find the best kitchen playset to surprise my daughter, you won’t see me stopping into five stores to find just the right thing. It’ll be fast, thorough and completed on my lunch break. Since my family’s all grown now, we just do White Elephant – and Amazon has an entire section of that category. So I don’t even need to use my wit – they’re literally doing everything for me, including gift wrapping it and bringing it to the door.

What are your sane-keeping shortcuts this holiday season?



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