3 Simple Ways To Make Money From Video Games

Playing video games is a great leisure activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Escaping into a fantasy world and becoming your favorite hero is a brilliant way to kill a few hours, but wouldn’t it be good if it was more than that? Instead of playing video games for a bit of fun, imagine if you could make money while you’re doing it. Most people would have you believe that’s just a fantasy but as the video game industry becomes more popular, it’s a possibility for all of the gamers out there. Obviously, creating the games themselves is one way of making a career out of it but that requires a lot of training and it isn’t for everybody. But don’t give up hope just yet, there are plenty of other ways that you can make your love of gaming pay.


Farming Items

Lots of video games, particularly online multiplayer based ones, are based around collecting gold and items. Some players are content to build up their collections and upgrade their characters slowly as they play through the game, but others are just too impatient. They want the items without having to put the time in, and they’re willing to pay good money for somebody to do the legwork for them. Spending your time farming for in-game gold and items, and then selling it on is a simple way to make cash while you’re gaming. This used to be very popular in World of Warcraft but the creators have since taken steps to stop people from doing it, but plenty of other games actually encourage it. You can’t make a living from it but it’s a good way of raising some extra cash to buy more games. The best place to sell items is on Steam because they have a marketplace set up for you.

Winning Money From Games

Some games can win you money directly if you’re good enough. Playing online poker or bingo is one of the best ways to win cash if you know what you’re doing. The Big Tease Bingo bingo strategy has lots of great tips on improving your chances of winning and maximising the profits that you can make from gaming. There are also lots of competitions in various online games that have big prize funds. World Of Tanks holds the record for most simultaneous online players at one time and it also boasts one of the biggest prize funds for competitions. Some players have won up to $300,000 for winning a contest. Most popular online games these days offer competitions so if you think you’re pretty good, why not consider entering?

Game Guides

Everybody knows the frustration of getting to 99.9% completion on a game and then spending hours and hours trying to search for that one collectible that will get you that perfect score. Or maybe you’ve bought a new game and only managed to get half an hour in before getting completely stuck. Nobody likes doing it but sometimes you’ve got no other choice but to admit defeat and look at a game guide. If you know a game like the back of your hand you can create an ebook guide and sell it for a fairly decent amount. The only thing is, you’ll need to get in there early before everybody else starts creating their own guides, or finding everything for themselves. It’s best to create guides for games in your favorite series that you’re sure you can master very quickly.

When video games first came about parents everywhere said they were a waste of time, but now they’re a viable business opportunity for thousands of people.

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