3 Side Effects Of Pregnancy You Aren’t Prepared For

It’s no secret that pregnancy affects your body in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. You’ll get a lot bigger, experience some pretty strange food cravings and hormones will play havoc with your mood. In the lead up to pregnancy, friends and family who have had kids before will tell you all of that stuff and you might even think that you’re prepared for whatever the pregnancy might throw your way. But you’re wrong. Those are just the things that are fairly common in most pregnant women. There are all sorts of other side effects that are a lot rarer and if you aren’t aware of what can happen to your body, you might get a bit of a fright.

It’s important to remember that you should always ask your doctor if there is anything that you’re worried about but don’t be alarmed if your body goes through some odd changes because, chances are, it’s just another one of these unexpected side effects of pregnancy.

Strange Dreams


Pregnancy impacts your sleep in all sorts of ways because of increased hormone levels and the general difficulties with getting comfortable as your body shape changes. Some pregnant women experience a change in their dream patterns and although it’s still something of a mystery, research suggests that increased hormones may change the way that your brain processes things and a lack of sleep can affect dreams as well. These dreams come in a lot of different forms; some people might experience particularly vivid dreams compared to normal. Other people have incredibly anxious dreams or even nightmares. This can become a bit of a problem if it’s affecting your sleep even more but there are a few things you can try. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, try different positions to find something more comfortable. If you’re having a lot of nightmares, you can try writing the dreams in a journal after you wake up to try to identify the source of those anxieties.

Hair Growth


The increase in hormones in pregnant women can have a huge impact on hair growth all over the body. Some people might see this as one of the benefits because it can make your hair a lot longer and fuller. However, it’ll also encourage hair growth in other parts of the body that you might not be as happy about. Don’t be alarmed if you’re growing more hair on your face or under your armpits, once you’ve given birth and your hormones return to normal, your hair growth will return to normal.

As well as increased hair growth, you might experience hair loss. When your hair grows, around 10 percent of it is in a resting phase while the other 90 percent grows. The hair that is resting falls out to make way for new hair. But when you’re pregnant, the amount of hair that is falling out can increase. Most people will experience this hair loss in a big way after delivery but it can happen during the pregnancy as well. Stress is another big factor in hair loss and you’re likely to be more stressed while you’re pregnant, causing increased hair loss.

Hair loss will slow down around 3 months after delivery but if you’re worried about it, there are some treatments for thinning hair that you can try. Click here for some more information on tackling hair loss. Reducing stress is the first thing to try but that’s not always possible during pregnancy. There are medications you can use but always consult your doctor first to check that they won’t harm the baby.

Heightened Sense Of Smell


Most women suddenly go off certain foods and can be completely repulsed by things that they used to love when they’re pregnant. It’s a well documented side effect of pregnancy but people don’t often realize why it happens. Your sense of smell is far more sensitive and that’s the reason that you suddenly have an aversion to certain foods or, in some cases, have cravings for a certain smell. There are two main theories about why this happens; some researchers believe that it’s because you have an increased blood flow during pregnancy, sending more blood to your brain and heightening your senses. Others think that it’s a protection mechanism that your body develops so you avoid breathing in anything that may be harmful to the baby. There isn’t really anything you can do about it so you’ll just have to learn to live with it until the baby comes.

Now that you know you may experience these things during pregnancy, they won’t come as such a huge shock.

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