Could 2018 Be The Year You Finally Tackle Excess Clutter In Your Life?

Many of us have goals and aspirations for the year. We might want to lose some weight, get a little fitter or generally take better care of ourselves. Others may have high hopes for home ownership or even a career promotion or a change of career direction. Some of us have high hopes, others focus on a million little things to get them where they need to be. But what I want to know is how many of you have made decluttering part of your new year goals? Or at least perhaps making it a priority for the year ahead? It isn’t just about your home. Decluttering can be transferred across your whole life. So I wanted to share with you some of the ways you could make this year the one where you finally tackle all the clutter in your life.

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Get rid of any negativity around you

One of the biggest things you can finally declutter in your life is the amount of negativity you have surrounding you. It may be difficult to pinpoint this at first, so spend some time really analyzing how you feel when with certain people or when doing certain things. It will soon become clear what and who lifts you up and who doesn’t While it isn’t necessarily nice to cut people off entirely, and obviously there are things we may not like but have to do, but you can be more conscious of it, and really minimize the amount of negativity you have in your life. The impact it can make could be life-changing.

Take on your home or office bit by bit and find storage options to suit

Maybe your home is feeling a little cluttered, maybe you have an office space that could really do with a clear out, then now would be the ideal time to tackle the excess clutter you have going on in your work and home life. Once you have decide what might be clutter or what could do with being organized, you can then figure out what best to do with it. A quick search online for storage units near me could highlight some options to consider. However, you could also make more use of the new space you have created at home or in your office to invest in some storage solutions to keep everything in its place.

Try different decluttering methods

Clutter can be overwhelming, so you may want to think of different ways you can tackle it. You could either dedicate a weekend or a day to the task, or try a slow and steady approach where you spend five minutes each day or declutter just one thing each day if you are happy to take it easy. There are plenty of methods to try if you look online.

Don’t forget your mind and digital space

Finally, some of the last things to declutter would be your mind and your digital space, however, both of which can still seriously impact your lifestyle. Digitally look at the way you spend your time online, things like Facebook could become a much more positive place to be by streamlining what you see, so perhaps unfollowing businesses or friends, for example. Meditation and exercise are great ways to focus your mind and allow you to prioritize your thoughts.

I hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to the clutter in your life.

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