2 Different Kinds Of Home Intruders And How To Keep Them At Bay

If you want to keep your home a safe fortress for you and your family and friends to spend time in, then it’s crucial you’re aware of the different kinds of home intruders and ways of keeping them out.

Not all home intruders will look exactly what you expect them to look like, so read on to get an idea of what you’re looking for and what to do!



The most feared type of home intruder is usually a burglar. Even if you are fortunate enough not to come into contact with the burglar while they are on your property, you can still feel afraid and traumatised that somebody managed to get into your home – especially if you were in bed or in another room when it happened. Many burglars are chancers, and will jump on any opportunity that appears to present itself. This means you should never leave your porch open with things inside of it, leave your keys on show, or make it obvious that you’re not home for an extended period of time.

Here are some pointers you can remember when making your home safe from criminals:

  • Setting up a neighborhood watch system will make everybody feel safer. Put up signs so that people know there is one in the area.
  • Put up ‘beware of the dog’ signs even if you don’t have a dog. Many burglars won’t want to risk it.
  • Install CCTV – if you can’t afford this, installing fake CCTV can be a good deterrent.
  • Make sure the outside of your home is well lit to avoid giving criminals a place to hide.
  • Don’t hide spare keys in an obvious place.
  • Install smart alarms that will alert you or the authorities of suspicious activity.
  • Put signs on the door letting door to door callers know that you’re not interested.
  • Always ask to see identification and proof before letting a door to door caller into your home.

Another home intruder you need to beware of are pests. Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from termites to squirrels. The likes of squirrels will gnaw through almost anything, which can make it dangerous if they get into your basement, attic, or even in your garden. You need to make sure that you’re not inviting pests into your home with a messy garden, and that you check your home out regularly to ensure there are no signs that you’re missing.

Here are some things to remember:

  • A small infestation may not be obvious until it has gotten much larger, so keep an eye on strange goings on.
  • Listen out for strange noises, and look out for discoloration in things like your bedding, wallpaper, on the floor, and other areas of the home.
  • Don’t attempt to get rid of your infestation alone – you can easily make it worse and end up having to spend more this way.

Although very different, the two kinds of intruders here are both dangerous and can cost you a lot of money. Keep them out and feel at peace in your home!

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